Sunday, November 11, 2018

"Holy Crap It's Fucking Winter Already"

Hi. Yes this blog still lives though 90% of the time I'm next door at,...

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It's the first one. "Thoughts" My Arts Crap. 

Though it's other stuff too.

Why did I move,...I dunno I just did. I was emotional that day. I'm like that. Needed a kind of change though I'm doing the same crap I always do. Anyway you be cool.

I'll come back with stuff from time to time just to keep the filaments warm around here.

Btw it's Remembrance Day

So fucking remember the suffering millions endured. The millions that died for nothing. This during the "Great War" 1914~1918.

G-d forgive us.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

"Strike Two"

Jebus finally comes back for his Second Helping.
However he ain't like anyone expected.

Monday, September 3, 2018

"Z, your Comments Here"

The fucking French invented the Flying Car in 1958!
However being French they kept it for themselves.
Cheese eating Bastards!

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Z you can post your comments here till your tech
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Friday, August 24, 2018

I was going out again today, but I had heat flashes. Swell. Yeah guys get these too. I went outside for a bit, but came back in fast. It's only in the mid-80's, but Risky for me. So maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile iced tea, and the A.C. so far so good.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Hi gang!

Just a reminder that my main blog has moved to:

Of course I still post here, and my other pages.
However my everyday rants are at the above.

Keep coming here now, and then 
as there are different things on each blog.
Though I spend most of my time at

"Thoughts, and Prayers"

'Hope to see you there.

If I haven't said it today...


Otherwise enjoy the balance of the Summer.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

"Fucking Vote 2020"

"You can Trust a Man who likes Curry!"

"No One in the Opposition can Dare say this of Themselves."
Dear Uncle Eats all the Fucking Curry 
He can get! 


"Hotter the Fucking Better!"
Sez our Dear Uncle, and Savior from Bullshit!

"Accidents of Birth"

A pal over on Facebook went through his genealogy program, and found his family was distantly related to the Brit Royal Family. Somehow via some Prince a zillion years ago in Saxony.
Look deep enough into the gene pool you'll find crap like that.

As it happens I'm very distantly related to mass murderers as well. The fucking Tolbert's of Liberia. These guys looted murdered oppressed the people of the failed state of Liberia forever.

"Distant Cousin Tolbert"

Liberia for them that were absent that day is the only America colony in Africa. Note family resemblance in their flag above. President Monroe a million years ago started it to get rid of the darkies by dumping them in the first clearing in the fucking jungle he could find.

He gave these poor bastards "Independence", and didn't look back.

As with all colonies there was already folks there,...yeah they were off to the races from day one. The Natives were fucked what with having these new guys hanging around with the backing of the American Army, and Navy. 

It didn't end well.

Cut to 1980. Basically the Natives killed everybody. However some of them Tolbert's got away with a big chunk of the treasury, and retired to Geneva,...I didn't even get a t-shirt.
As is traditional in these situations Boss Tolbert the XIII or whatever was over thrown by a Sargent. Idi Amin was a Sargent as well. Hitler only made Corporal. Non-coms are bad for business.

Former "Sargent General Boss for Life Doe"

The new Boss for Life "Sargent Doe" as by tradition at once promoted himself to General then President for Life,...which proved to be rather short,...also traditional.

He instituted a reign of French Revolution style Terror. A hot time was had by all. There followed decades of the chaos we've come to ignore in that part of the world. Their current major export are Child Soldiers. Btw they're still an unofficial American colony.

I read when #45 found out about them he allegedly suggested that Black welfare cheats, and drug addicts could be dumped there. Much as the Brits used Australia. Basically sentence as many darkies as possible to "Transportation".

I don't think I'd like it there. 

I mean besides river blindness Ebola AIDS  getting beheaded,...that French terror stuff they so like. Besides all that noise. If they find out who my distant relations were I might get special treatment. Something involving extra crispy.

Family is a bitch.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

"A Light Onto the World"

Years ago I did a treatment for a children's story. I read some of it on the air. I never got it to work though. The story was a good one, but just didn't jell.

That is till I realized it wasn't supposed to be a story...not exactly. "Beulah's  Window" was a descriptive few lines in the middle of a long confused narrative.

I scarped away all the static, and let those few line free.

"Beulah's Window"
The window was a symphony of dreams. The window was composed of dozens of shards. Cast off bits of stained glass that Beulah the Forest Woman, Beulah the Witch, Beulah the Angel had assembled into Magic.

As the afternoon sun played across it. Here was illuminated a hand fragments of clouds. There a lily there a smile. Then a yellow crescent moon. 

Throughout were floating embers of deep blue bright reds shades of gold fragments of turquoise. In it's upper portions were bits of alabaster doves, and a spray of purple, and rose.

Such was Beulah's Window.