Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I just awoke. Been down with the flu. This time mostly headaches pains. Congestion gave me a break,...so far. Dreams. Fevered dreams about my life family events real, and imagined. 

A scene.

I'm with a large crowd sitting outside of a pizza place watching the first World Trade Center go up. People then as I remember were as much in awe of it going up as they were seeing it come down.
I always thought our skyscrapers were going to be eternal as with Rome or Athens.
In the 9/11 attacks the WTC went down faster than the Titanic,...think of that. Faster.

This should have taught us humility.
Our monuments are imperfect, and very temporary.

Monday, February 19, 2018


"Re-examine all that you have been told... dismiss that which insults your soul." 

Walt Whitman

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Dante on seeing 'this' would have been convinced he was viewing the very Gates of Hell.

"...I Hate Them"

The above reminds me of a scene from when I was in high school. The war raging, and every single middle-aged guy on the subway had his face buried in the sports section. Just like folks today buried in their devices. The front page showed the Vietnam War wasting their son's lives, but they hid in the sports pages.

I hated their generation for fucking us up abandoning us to that pointless lost war, and finally leaving us with
shit...I still hate them.

"In Our Times"

Saturday, February 17, 2018


I slept most of today what with flu aches, and such. Plus the fall of nations. The routine American tribal custom of killing the innocent including children. ...letting it just go on.
Strange dreams as I slept, but then wake up to Snow?! 

It's mid-winter it's suppose to snow, and be cold,...but hasn't. No real snow in NYC in more than a month. With a few exceptions just the usual New Climate tepid temps. Out of nowhere snow. Btw it's going to be in the 70's in the coming week. Meantime the Snow Angels, and Faeries have given us a blanket of bright  snow to comfort us in these terrible times.

By my bedroom window "Fiat-ometer" an inch so far. They say seven by morning,...we'll see. Drive real careful out there, and get home safe.  My dear pal Mark upstate had a bumper event on the highway in this. They're all okay, and made it home...so grateful. Still as we know snow is better enjoyed from inside a warm home full of love. ...or at least full of dolls, and electric trains.

On a related matter. I read that the Pope said that our pets, and all other life are part of g-d's realm, and goes to heaven when their bodies die. Reminds of the two deal breakers from them Nuns that tortured us, and held us hostage all them years.

Them evil Nun fuck heads said it "wasn't a sin to kill in war", and that our "pets don't go to heaven". Right there with that foul shit I knew we were being had. I changed my plans accordingly.


I found this from several years back,...it cheered me up a bit.

All wars should be fought by guys 50 or 60+. They'd be sleeping or on the toilet or complaining. Later sleeping again back on the toilet then reading the paper doing Facebook , and complaining some more.
Going over to the enemy to trade their Meds back, and forth.

Then sleeping.

When the generals call up to bother them. They tell them the food sucks, and they can't attack because all the tanks are broken,...same with all the planes. They're waiting for parts, and they might call back next week.
Then wandering over chatting with, and later playing dominos with the enemy. Who are also 60+ or so. Together watching TV smoking eating, and sleeping. I know I would be.