Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"Fuck Denmark"

I keep coming across these demented displays online.These how this or that Nordic state is a social paradise. Bernie's wonderland. In particular Denmark. Yeah that bucket of shit that's their favorite Fucking National Front Nazi leaning fucking Denmark. The leftie Bernista's go on about how these goose stepping shit heads have such swell social security for their folks, and we should be 'just' like them.

What utter bullshit.

I hate these things. Stupid commie jerks. Nobody has thought out how they got all that. How they got it, and how they keep it. They can do this because they're not as we are a planetary Empire with profound, and seriously expensive obligations all over the world. They also have a small national homogeneous population the size of just 'part' of Brooklyn.

These nice people like most of Europe these days have a very large racist national front movement, and their government is now deporting refugees of color as fast as they can. Btw they were allied to the Nazis within the so-called Pact of Steel,...aka the Axis. See below. Google it.

This fantasy about Nordic countries many progressives have is not helpful. A close look at how they really do business will put you off.

Basically these guys have all this neat shit because they can afford it.

They can afford it because they have no real armed forces to pay for. That or large overseas commitments. NATO or more to the point. 'We' are their army. 'We' pay for their defense. This is the only part that shit eating Nazi fuck Trump gets right. If we ever have economic justice here in this dying butt fucked bleeding broke wretched republic. It will be a unique American model of such, and not one from a bunch of tiny mono-cultural proto-Nazi statelets.

For heaven's sakes.

Look just our Bronx street gangs could invade, and defeat them over a weekend.


"Heroin" by the Velvet Underground is a song from the pit of my soul. 'Never a Heroin Addict, but was married to just about everything else in my time. At my memorial I want this played.

Ha! Deal with that as you go into the guests hall to eat them little dried out ham sandwiches, and stale cokes that are always the fare at these things.

Thank g-d, and the CIA for all the drugs I used back in the day...couldn't have made it here without them. They took me to the very edge of Death, and brought me back to tell the tale.

What Buddhist monk wouldn't give his prayer beads for a taste of that! I had the shit delivered. Middle Class style self immolation if you please.  In my Cocaine daze I was in the upper circles.

Diplomatic pouch grade shit straight from fucking Fidel's Cuba!. Being a broadcaster had it perks. I'm talking 90 to 100 percent pure. Yeah I hear you say 100% is 'not' possible.

Oh pardon me dear friend, most certainly was is, and always will be if you know who what, and where, and especially how.

Best shit this side of junkie Hell. It made all the wounds heal all the demons melt away. Just like in this song.

As for Heroin except for snorting some a few times not my cup of meat. For one the "Vomit Barrier", and the other my dislike of needles put me off. Especially since at the time we were just finding out AIDS came as a free extra sometimes.

I do Not! renounce my Drug era. Those Insane days, and nights, and months, and years! No more that a soldier would ever renounce their War. It made both of us what we are. Take that away, and we're incomplete. Shadows wisps nothing.

That time was a passage a mad hellish tonic for our blood, and guts.

It made us the Saints we are today.

Monday, November 27, 2017

"Dear Santa, Shit, and Die"

So I get more coal in my stocking, I care.
I posted this stuff above...'think I put it up maybe a month back.
I just loves my fucking toys is all.
What I have left of them.
So many went overboard in the
storms of the last decade.

It started with...

I was caregiver for an elderly relative. I was rewarded for this by being evicted by a family member looking to cash in on her bones.
'and he did.

Homeless for a year then later forcibly retired.
I grew very ill became rather poor.
In, and out of hospitals.
At the tender mercies of Social Services.
Emotional, and physical disabilities.

However Jesus loves me.
So everything is okay.
Thank you for asking.

Yes I am Suicidal.
However I'll never give them evil shits the satisfaction.
Stay Tuned.

"About Burning Men Alive at the Stake"

"ME TOO!" ...yeah I got fucked in the ass when 11 by some day camp bullies. No nothing gay it was more like prison sex. However the rapists weren't rich white guys, and there was no media perp walk for them, and I ain't getting a big cash pay-off. So who cares.

That said.

Yeah it's good that a certain male prerogative is finally coming to light. Basically sexually harassing any, and all the females they want whenever they want who ever they want however they want. Like when Bullying at last came to official light about 10 years back. This has actually done some good...not really that much, but at least it's now considered bad manners.

That, and the bullied are suing, and collecting. In our kind of society that's the best justice you can get...a payoff.

Charlie Rose, above, I think is the best example so far...yeah some were far worse. However what happened to him is a template for all others.

Holy Fuck did He go Down Fast! 

His crimes were relatively "mild" actual rape. "Just" exposing himself touchy feelies implied advancement for playing ball,...the usual.

Then literally in a Day. Gone! 

Like he never was. Decades of Power, and Influence evaporated. This guy is like the Stalin era Un-Persons. Airbrushed out of all the records. His name images removed from all corporate logos adverts publications videos the works.


I imagine him sitting now by the side of his heated indoor pool at his palace,...while he can still afford it. He sits there stunned to hell, and back. Mumbling to himself, " was just a bit of pussy grabbing....what the fuck."

An Angel whispers into his ear, ...

"It wasn't yours to grab ya greedy arrogant shit."

Of course I expect the innocent, and semi-innocent to get caught up in this current Witch Burning. Folks have the scent of burnt flesh in their nostrils,...and they like it.

We'll see where this goes.


It's too fucking damned much. I can't bare this shit that's coming down everywhere. Fucking giant Nazi march all over Poland,...fucking Poland going Nazi?!! The fucking Nazi German army obliterated that country. They exterminated millions of their people. Here their grandchildren, and great grandchildren march in the streets as Nazis??

"Jews Gypsies Muslims Out!" Their banners proclaim.

"We Want a Whiter Poland!"

It's 1939 again with hateful mobs marching by torchlight yearning for the ovens to be relit. Poland, and much of Eastern Europe should be censured their accounts frozen travel restricted business arraignments blocked our Ambassadors recalled our protective NATO troops withdrawn. That would send a message to the whole of that part of Europe that this ain't cool.

However we ain't doing shit.

We won't either with a fucking Nazi of our own in the White House. An actual white supremacist is sitting in the sacred Oval Office...we did that...we let it happen by not voting, and being divided which let 28% of this nation install a semi-literate thug.

We do nothing like we have done, and will do nothing about the reopening of the Barbary slave markets in Libya. The photos look like the 18th, and 19th century drawings of the treatment of slaves being bought sold. 'Beaten bloody tied together hung up like sides of beef to be inspected by customers looking for a bargain.

We should send the Navy the Delta Force the fucking works at these evil vile men that are doing this. However we won't lift a finger. Sure in ten or twenty years they'll be some sort of memorial there. As one day towards the end of the century they'll have put up a memorial to the Queers slaughtered in the Chechenia concentration camps.

We won't lift a finger for them either.

Pity the Queers the Gypsies the Jews the Muslim refugees or the African Slaves don't have oil. We'd have come at once to save them.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

"...a lesson"

From time to time one or other of my commie pals posts something on my "FB" page saying that America was the villain of WW2. This because of the nukes, and their ignorance of what happened during the war. The far left is as stupid, and historically illiterate as that other bubble on the right. Anyway I have a stored reply I save for this sort of thing. They read it, and respond with third International Stalinist commie crap, but I post it anyway.

Here goes.

We fire bombed Japanese cities. Ending with two nukes. Japan killed 31+ millions of Asians, and allied troops, and prisoners of war in it's Conquests from it's initial invasion of China in 1931,...the real beginning of WW2. That through 1945 when they were finally destroyed. Japan killed 26 millions in China, and has yet to either apologize or even acknowledge this. Hence the hatred of Japan in China to this day.

If one is looking for the guilty it was everybody. It's just a matter of degree or bias as to who was worse. Progressives make America the most guilty. Historians the better of them have no bias. They just count the dead, and allot them to various combatants. Germany, and Japan come off as the most guilty numbers one, and two by the numbers. Russia is number three since they not only killed German soldiers later their civilians too, but continued killing their own even when they were actually losing the war in the first two years.

The Allies generally are number four by technology.

None of this is any comfort to the dead or their surviving loved ones. Total deaths from WW2 are not exactly known. Best estimates are 60 to 80 millions.

So to the point,...yes the United States committed WW2 "War Crimes". General Lemay who planned the fire-bombing of Japan admitted to this. He actually said that, "...if we had lost the war we'd be all tried as war criminals". They would have too. If this is the point of the article. Yes we did commit war crimes, and so did everybody else.

However theirs were far worse. Further if they had won you would not be here to despise your own country. Your parents, and grand parent would have been either exterminated relocated, and or worked to death as slaves to the Axis. As it is you're just a well fed American pissed off with Trump. A very minor league fascist. If as is implied by the article America is an evil nation. Then Korea in the 1950's Vietnam in the 60's, and much of the Middle-East after 9/11 would all be glowing radio active craters.

They're not.

That sort of thing is bad for business. What could be more American than that.

As I say the response I always get to this is like that from cultists when you show them their guru is just some jerk from New Jersey that's stealing their money, and fucking their daughters. I know. Hardly worth the effort, but it's fun, and passes the time.

"An Air Force in you Pocket"

A Bomber for your Bomber Jacket.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

"Unstruck in Time"

An early "Harry Potter" figurine in a 1950's time warp.
As they say, "Shit happens".
Btw this figure of "Ron"
was designed before the actor that played him was cast.
Same with the others in the set.

Friday, November 24, 2017

"Darkness falls"

Here's a little Disney figurine.
I had it as I took the kitchen photos.
The sun goes down so fast now.
I could actually see the darkness encroach.
This as I held the toy for the snap.

"My little Kitchen at Dusk"

As ya knows I don't live with much. By choice.
Many reasons, but mainly it's just simpler.
There's my bamboo shoot.
I've been tending to all spring, and summer.
That, and my cup of sea shells.
We really don't need very much "stuff'.
Just enough for practical life, and to amuse us.

Btw I took these at 3:58pm.
It will be dark as midnight in 40 minutes.

"One Size Fits Some"

Assuming he existed at all. Jebus was more likely the fellah on top.
I mean taking ethnic realities into consideration.
A friend on Facebook just said
"He looks like fucking Osama!"
Yeah he does. 
'But then everybody out there in that 'Hood does.
Which is sort of the point.

A Happy Birthday!
To whoever the guy really was. Btw I still want that damned bike I asked for in 1958. ...ya cheap bastard!

No wait that's Santa.
I always get these two mixed up.

"A Brooklyn Thanksgiving"


I was invited to dinner by old radio comrades Paul, and Sharon. We had a swell time yacking about old times, and the current end of the world,...again. A great feast was enjoyed by all, and many thanks to Paul, and Sharon for putting this evening together. It was so good to be with old dear friends. I guess that's what this time of years is about. None of us should take the kind moments for granted,...they're not. These are treasures. Sacred ones.

I had just got back to my digs when there's a knock on the door.

It was my upstairs neighbors. They'd brought me down another Thanksgiving dinner! They said they knew I lived alone, and seemed somewhat house bound. They had been concerned.
Anyway they said if I needed anything even just to talk. I should just come up they'd help. ??!!!

Heavens,...this has the makings of a Frank Capra movie.

I'm surrounded by good souls. For a time now like so many of us I've been overwhelmed tired hopeless cynical. I expected nothing like this, but here it is. I am moved amazed, and happy. I'm apparently not as alone as I had imagined. Old friends, and unexpected new ones. Indeed such times we live in. I hope your day was as blessed as mine...peace.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

"Button up your Overcoat"

Bit of a chill in the air.
I fucking love it.
Bring on the frigging Blizzards.
One size fits all.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"Kill'em All"

This raging back, and forth from a post on "FB" about how the North Koreans could fuck up all of South Korea. ...and part of Japan without modern weapons. Even with a fleet of aged planes, and 1970's tanks.
The point was made a 40 year old Mig-23 armed with two nukes under it's wings could do a suicidal dash across the border, and kill a million people.

Comment from "kill'em all" let Satan sort them out "Uncle":

Actually on this one item I agree with Trump. Fucking Nuke these maniacs, and have done with it. I don't care what the world will thinks of us. They hate our guts as it is. Btw if the Russians make a move on Eastern Europe let them. After the Nazi shift in Poland, and the National Front movements filling the streets generally over there...the Russians can have them back.

I also agree with Trump on pulling out of Europe/NATO...but for reasons a tad more informed than his. Europe is back in the 1930's. They're turning Nazi. Let them eat Russian white hot lead. I look forward to a Red pacification of Neo-Nazi Europe

Comment from typical "lets be nice, and thoughtful" commie "Bill""

How about the pro Nazi apologist currently squatting in the White House ? Doesn't he count ? Will you volunteer to bury three million innocent South Koreans who will be the collateral damage from your rant?

Comment from fed up raging "reactionary" "Uncle":

Sure why not. I'm sick to death, to speak of all this damned lefty commie horse shit I've been involved with all my life.

Some fucks just need killing.

I'm not interested in making nice with fuckers that dream of killing me, and everyone I know, and love...Korean Nazi's or European ones. I'm through with all the peace shit that never works because no one really wants it. Listen it's an evil murderous world always was always will be. The world left gave us Stalins the right Hitlers, and it's still doing it.

Jim can tell you how we had to face off with commie jerks at that radio station that praised everything Fidel did. Putting his opposition in the slammer no free press having kids spy on their folks the whole 1984 works...but they never...I mean 'never' would speak against it. "The revolution needs time" they always told us as they let Cubans suffer injustices they themselves would 'never' tolerate...fuck these shits to burning hell! ...they even said that when the red flag was finally dragged down off the fucking Kremlin. " needs more time." It had near a century, and killed more of it's own people than Hitler did.

So I've had it with all the lets be nice to the innocent...there are 'no' innocent. Them fuckers let their bosses whom they continue to install like we just installed Trump to rampage, and murder.

We're no different. 

We killed maybe close to two million Iraqis for 'nothing' they had 'nothing' to do with 9/11, and we killed two million of them...this is the world we live in. One without any innocents...just the dead, and the soon to be dead. Whatever anybody by way of politics left or right is selling I ain't buying because they're all part of the same murder machine. So let the party start. Let the Russian tanks head for Warsaw , and our nukes head west, and may the best butcher win. ...but please go to a "peace" march I'm sure this will help.

Thank you, and good night.


About Mugabe. In 1983 he had 20,000 people of an opposition tribe killed. The Ndebele people. That's killed as in mass murder as in genocide. Interesting that the number to qualify for that status is 100,000. So long as you stay below that number,...more or less, you don't get tried in a glass booth.

So Mugabe is merely a murderer, and not guilty of assorted Crimes Against Humanity.

He's been killing people below the genocide line by the thousands hundreds dozens tens, and individually for near 40 years. I wonder if they add it all up if we get a winner? The thing is he only stayed in power like most dictators because he's a client of a powerful nation. In his case the Chinese.

Btw these same Chinese just built a Security Gestapo training facility for Mugabe. Thoughtful of them. The graduates will keep a close eye on China's investments no matter which psychopath is on the throne. 

Speaking of presidents for life. I was hoping they'd shoot him

Well of course first introduce the old gent to something very hot sharp slow, and medieval. Paced of course to his age. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves here. A professional will have to be called in. After the fun shoot the 200 years old butcher, and hang him upside down in a square.

Like he did to so many of his enemies.

He had a writers shot, and hung like this because he thought their work was subversive. Them, and over the decades thousands of others murdered for reason real, and imagined. However now this guy Mugabe gets off clean. This butcher like almost all of the post WW2 major world power client dictators gets to retire, and live off all he stole from the national treasury.

Well except for that Libya guy,...what's his name. Gaddafi! ...yeah that's the guy.

He got the Mussolini treatment. This after they ambushed his fleeing convoy chased him into a frigging sewer dragged him out. Beat the fucking shit out of him shot him full of holes then strung him up like  il Duce,...ol' Mussolini his own self. I think that guy was the last till Gaddafi to get his rightful desserts. All the others were on our payroll so business was business.

It's right there in the Client Dictator's Contract. "Section 38 para 42,...if for any reason your contract is nullified by us or your competitors you will be allowed to abscond with a portion of the national treasury in an amount of not more than 62% of total. If more this understanding is voided, and your ass is on it's own."

So of course most of these guys play ball. 

Except Gaddafi. He thought he was g-d. That sort of thing happens sometimes. Batista for example. Which is why they let Fidel win. The G-d Option is also covered in the "Contract". Section 47,..."If under any circumstances the client decides that he or she has become a deity the arrangement is void." "We will past executive authority to your next competitor in line. If this is also a self proclaimed deity. An outside player will be installed."

"See book 14 pages 64 thru 228 of the guidelines for a fuller explanation of this situation, and our remedies for it."

Of course Mugabe's replacements, who have studied the Contract in detail
are also Chinese clients. They will continue to allow China...or if China breaches the Contract. The highest bidder to rape, and pillage all of Zimbabwe's natural resources. Just as the British before them did.

Africa is far from free.

400 years pillaged at Europe's hand. Now another hundred pillaged in-directly via assorted demented murderous presidents for life. Now a new vandal in the mix...the Chinese getting their cut. Oppressed people have long memories. I shudder at what a future strong wealthy, and perhaps vengeful  Africa will do to their old enemies.

"Life" just goes on.

Life just goes on no matter what.
It just does.
Any insane crap can happen, but folks just keep going.
This is a comfort.
Perhaps it's the only one.

" posts are as you see Bi-Polar", am I.

I remember "Ice Fog". It never happens in the City. However I remember being with friends long ago driving around upper Vermont. We drove into something we'd none of us had ever seen before. A shimmering fog. We stopped got out, and walked in it. It was an actual fog of ice crystals. A fog of diamonds. So amazing. A routine miracle of nature. I say routine because nature just does this,...if we would just stop, and look.

( Below more posts about the evils in the same world with "Ice Fog".)'s just funny that way.


I just read from "Forbes" how one of Trumps son's funneled Cancer Charity funds into his person accounts. He did it legal, but he did it because he could. I'm reluctant to have bigotry against a whole class. Perhaps it's more a moral sense of exasperation. The very wealthy some of them, seem so cut off from their humanity. In the same way that desperation makes the poor self destructive excess wealth seems to do the same thing.

The wealthy have the means to heal themselves of destructive inclinations...the poor have social services which reluctantly barely feeds them.

Of course not all the poor, and not all the well off are destructive, but too many are. The current irrational materialists values enforce this situation. We live with a kind of national cultural undiagnosed metal illness. It's very much like what Malcom X said about racism. To paraphrase..."Racism is a form if Insanity, makes it's perpetrators, and it's victims both insane".

As does wealth, and poverty.

I'm just looking at our present national situation from a metal health angle. Our whole society is living with, as I say. We're all living in a republic with a vast undiagnosed form of mass cultural insanity. One the not only permits a gigantic disparity in the means of basic survival,...but encourages it.

...Rewards it.

Monday, November 20, 2017

"An Armored Column in your Pocket"

As ya knows I have this thing for the tiny. Always have.
It's why I've been building models since 1956. There's some Japanese word, and whole tradition relating to this.
Me I just like this stuff. As I wrote it's a comfort.
That's enough.

One can carry about a whole little town in your pockets.
This is magic.
All that inner outer space jazz.
A "Fantastic Voyage" without need for special effects.


"Speaking of Interesting Stories"

Exactly where I used to stand on the Subway. I did this as a kid,...all New York kids do.
I remember a conductor telling a story to another passenger this about a guy standing there looking out.  When a loose low hanging pipe crashed through the glass impaling the guy. Tearing the top of his head off.
I still stand at the front sometimes looking out though.
...figured I'd take my chances.

Hey how bad could it be?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

"Brightly Floating"

For the past few daze I've taken an attempted break from being traumatized. I've been in the mists of dreams, and wonderings. They're keeping me alive this wispy world of shadows, and visions. "Brightly Floating" as the sign sez.

busy drifting, and dreaming about this life. My mortality. Oh life you are so strange so terrible wondrous so short.

ortality mine is no longer a distant rumor a vague imagining. I've sailed just off it's coast, and seen it's mountains mysterious valleys landscapes. Even so I have felt the Bright Wonder of my Life.

Every day a Miracle of sensations.

Walking sleeping hot showers books sorting laundry talking to friends on the phone tapping away on the computer going shopping watching families be families birds cats bugs the wind the rain, and dreams of the perhaps coming snows.

All this, and the everyday attempting to decipher my medical forms benefits rules balancing a small income all that strange, and silly old person stuff. 

Wonder upon wonder.

I lay in bed, and listen to my Heart beat. It sounds just as it did when I was little, and wondered at every new thing.

"Ba~bap~Ba~bap~Ba~bap" sounded through my pillow as a boy, and still now it goes on, and on. Hardly a missed beat in near a 100 years.

As I said on my birthday, "....'closer to 100 than 20".


So it goes.

"When Imperialism was Fun"

"When Imperialism was Fun". However no it wasn't not for anyone...unless you were some sort of Lord or corrupt Indian prince. However dammit they had such neat uniforms.

Once kaki came in it was just all a killing machine.
Yes it always was, but after there was no pretense to a Jewel in the Crown.
It was just murder for gold.