Saturday, November 11, 2017

"...more of the same"

Once again I have to go to Social Services later this morning. They hide these places in the most transit unfriendly remote places. Anyway I have to get some papers stamped, and assorted other noise.
Then home, and finally to bed. If I sleep now I won't get up till it's dark again. This because the sun seems to set at two in the afternoon these days. Still it's good to get out.

Eight hours later...

"Just got back. I arrived there at 9:30am. I left at 5:20pm. All of that time sitting, and waiting for a procedure that took 15 minutes. Still it's done, and that's that. A side note they want to have a home visitation to make sure I'm okay. Ya know, and not a deranged old guy with 10,000 boxes of paperclips, and 500 empty Coke bottles spread around. Com'on I got rid of that stuff last summer. Anyway they want to see the lavish lifestyle I'm leading so they can either cut or totally eliminate any help the state is forced to give me.

I guess I should take down the Caravaggio "Love Victorious" poster over my bed. This could be misconstrued. Also maybe I should borrow some roaches, and maybe a few mice. I 'could' use hamsters instead. They sort of look like rats or mice from a distance. 'Leave some dirty dishes in the sink too. I think I could rent some of these from the guy upstairs,...he has a unique collection.

Perhaps I should smash some of my windows, maybe not what with winter coming on. Still having not only clean, but intact windows could be a sign of wealth. I'll have to think that one over. Having an empty fridge is no's always empty these days. I could go to the park, and get a bucket of dirt to spread around my digs.

This with the rented roaches, and hamsters plus them dirty dishes with it's habitation of bacterial wild life should just do the trick. Yeah with this, and a few more touches I should convince the civil service wonks coming to inspect me that I should still get the stale moldy bread, and dented cans of beans they reluctantly let me have.

I'll let you know how it works out.

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