Friday, June 30, 2017


We take these few moments to remember the terrible "Martian War of 1913~1917". This where our species fought for it's right to exist against off world invaders. On this very day in June 1913 one hundred, and four years ago the great inter-world conflict that would echo through history began.

The later chaos of the further 20th, and now 21st centuries is the awful legacy of that disaster. Here below is historical footage of that great confrontation between worlds. What historians now call:

"The War of the Worlds".

...And may G-d have Mercy on our Souls.

Thursday, June 29, 2017


I try not to read any political crap. It's literally bad for my health. However this is no longer possible. The damned stuff is on comic book blogs now.
Which is where I just found out that only "12%" of the country supports the GOP Health Bill.
As a TV liberal trouble maker said: 

"More people would rather be run over by a car than see this Bill pass."

Reminds me of some other numbers. In 2015 only 9% of the population supported any kind of U.S. politician. However 15% supported Fidel Castro. Eh,...71% support Batman whom we assume is a fictional person.

"An Explanation"

Look about the Fox News ambush interview I got suckered into. See below for that. I can explain. Way back in 1974 I gets this call from Abbie Hoffman when he was on the lamb. Well he tells me about that fucking giant UFO them feds is sitting out in Montana gives me coordinates the works when I hears shots on the line which then goes dead.


Still I has to get this shit to the frigging Dali Lama in bleeping India...I ain't been west of Chicago at the time. While I'm standing there with a dead phone in my hand, and a possible dead Abbie at the other end. A large pouch tied to a brick come fly'n through my window. Aw Com'on! I thinks. Anyway I Opens it, and there's a note from Holden Caulfield who everybody, and their drunk uncle thinks is fictional,...but ain't.

There's also tickets to Geneva with a re-route to Somalia then another direct to New Deli. That plus a load 'a passports, and a big bunch of Holden sez to contact some Midwestern crooked politico named Clinton in Geneva. Btw there's a gun in that bag too. The note sez to shoot the "fixer" once business is done...bleep!

I ain't shoot'n shit.

I took the dough shit canned them hot passports which probably would've got me stuck up against the first handy wall, and split the hell out'a there. Every phone booth I ran pass was ringing...they had me spotted covered sighted, and bleeped up the tail light with no grease in sight!
Fuck, and I thought I was gonna get laid,...another story.

*To be continued.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"My Fox News Interview"

Fox News: "So...Uncle Sydney, what's with all the toys?"

Uncle: "Cause I Loves 'em ."

Fox News:"...So then you 'do' believe in Santa."

Uncle: "What?"

Fox News: "...and Faeries, and Angels, and the Free Lunch."

Uncle: "...Yes but..."

Fox News: "So how long have you been a Communist Homosexual?"

Uncle: "Hey I was asked here about my book, "The Sandman, and Me."

Fox News: "...And you spent decades pushing your agenda on the air."

Fox News: "Would you care to explain your relationship with "Tink?"

Uncle: " mean Tinkerbell?"

Fox News" "The possibly underage faerie of acquaintance."

Uncle: "You nuts she's 648 years old!"

Fox News: "...and Daffy Duck. A known anarchist, and drug addict."

( Here the interview was momentarily interrupted by a Performance artist that set his shoes on fire, and sang the "Oscar Myer Weiner" hot dog song. After signing autographs we was arrested, and shot by security.)

Uncle: "About my book..."

Fox News: "We have found an essay by you, "Satan is my Co-Pilot."

Fox News: "Also a fresco you did depicting Hitler Stalin Walt Disney, and Nixon in Hell involved together in physically impossible erotic acts."

Uncle: "Now I can explain that,...see I got a call from Yoko Ono, and..."

Fox News: ."..what of this Nun's habit I show here found in your eh,...closet?"

Uncle: "Now about that. See I was holding it for a friend..."

Fox news: "Here as the folks at home can see is footage you selling what you claimed were 'logs' from the One True Cross...Uncle?"

Uncle: "Eh..."

Fox News: "Is this newer footage is this 'you' printing bootleg copies of "Fantastic Four" #1 in the basement of the green party headquarters?"

Uncle: "...well..."

Fox News: "Is it true you put 'Vinegar' on your fries,...Like--the--French."

Uncle: ""

Fox News: "Uncle...?"

Fox News: I have here photographs of you as a 12 year old boy holding what appears to be a high powered rifle standing near an underpass in Dallas on a certain day in late November 1963. Do you care to comment.

Uncle: "....I need to call my Agent."

"Sky Dreams"

"How Many Finger am I Holding Up?'

"Oh Tribe that Loves Boys"

                                 The flag of that Tribe that Loves Boys.

                  The Tribe so honored by Sufi poets through 2000 years.

         "Maroon for our dried spilled Blood on a field of  White indifference."

                                       (...It's the flag of Qatar.
            A nation about to be put to the sword with our weapons.)

"How Many Fingers am I Holding Up?'

                            "No help from the Audience Please."

"Slaughter of the Innocent", ...ongoing.

"Shoot Back"

Well more well intended patronizing PC crap. Note the new Black, and Brown stripes on the Queer rainbow flag. Granted we've been marginalized from day one of the so-called movement. I find this too little too little late, and personally offensive.

Look they thoughtfully put the new colors on top. The Black on top of the Brown even...they did this one with a slide rule.

I can hear the B.S. at the meeting now. "...and we should put the new stripes on top!" "This will show them Darkies how sincere we are."

In a word, or two actually. "Fuck You".

Fortunately no one will take this too seriously. One because it's really a white movement, and the other complacency. That, and how far will this go? Adding the Trans colors too? This after telling them to screw off for 40 years?
The damned flag will turn into more of an eye test than it is now. It'll be like them Japanese cartoons that give you a stroke like it was satirized on the "Simpsons".

( See video below.)

The original revolt was about life. Put simply it was a movement to get people to stop physically assaulting, and killing us. Rather like the movement in Russia today. Life or death. All of the middle class niceties came much later after the worst of the AIDS pandemic. The movement changed then from a revolutionary one to an assimilationist one.

The survivors of the Pandemic didn't want to over throw anything. They were cultural orphans with most of their elders, and activists dead. They turned from revolution, and wanted to join society as it was.

We on the other hand wanted to change society at it's very roots. So the first Stonewall was a Revolt,...not a party. This is now lost. Mere lip service is paid to it. I wasn't there on the day, but was there in the months, and years after. We wanted very different things. Marriage, and folding into the white middle class were not among them.

This is why after a time most certainly by the 1990's I stopped going the march. It had nothing to do with who we once were. It's become a carnival, worse a circus. Indeed in their "parades" which are often sponsored by newspapers that used to give out the names home addresses phone numbers, and addresses of employment of those arrested in Gay Bar raids.

That, and fucking Cops marching at the head of the thing sometimes. These from the same departments that beat us bloody, and from time to time would kill us. No mention of any of that history anywhere. Lets forget all that, and have a party.

I was told once to "let the past go",...really?

Still I wish them well, but remind them that we may all end up in the same Concentration Camp. These now being step up in former Soviet Republics. It is 'not' unthinkable it could happen here. The people the "Stroller Pushers are now trying to resemble are the same people that for centuries wanted us all dead. '...And may yet put us behind barbed wire.

As a youth how often all around me did the other boys say how much they wanted to go hunting "Fruits" to beat up,...and yes some said..."kill". On the whole as we see they have not changed that much. They could so easily given the opportunity as those in the former Soviet Republics were. Given that they will revert to the dangerous people they once overtly were.


"Pax Americana"

"Remembering The Empire"

I really wish I could visit the old days just for an afternoon. Those swell innocent times when our biggest problems were Nuclear Annihilation, and having Negros like me moving Next Door. Ha! Bet'cha that's all ya wish ya had to deal with today!

Ten cent comics black'n white TV milk delivered in bottles fins on cars, and just about everything else. Terrifying juvenile delinquents roaming the parks listening to that dangerous Negro music...all that "Rocky Rolly" stuff!

Beatniks! UFO's! Communists! Integration! Bullwinkle!

Horror upon Horror!

Aw, but good King John was on the Throne we were going to the stars, and Godzilla was just entering our nightmares. We'd kicked the hell out of Polio everybody had a transistor radio everybody had a decent job, and the schools actually taught stuff.

Top Forty D.J.'s kept us company as we did our homework, and everybody we loved was still alive.

Even our Dog.

Yeah for just a quiet afternoon I'd walk the strange wonderful streets, and parks of the Pax Americana.

Gas was cheap every car had a giant V-8 under it's hood we owned the world. We had a zillion H-Bombs, and fleets of brand new shiny B-52's to deliver them to anybody crazy enough to give us shit!

Oh dear comrades we shall never see such times again.

Mores the pity.

"I'm on the Wagon"

I'm off all psychiatric meds. Near 20 years of that toxic poison making me nuttier that I was. I'm still depressed. However then I was all the years I was on legal dope.
I had to stop as the toxic effects were in over drive.

Seems eventually your brain rebels

It tries to kill you if you don't stop or at least do some thing different.
This came to a head several months ago when I had to call 911 because of the effects of the latest poison they prescribed me. The shamans slowly weaned me off that, and got me on something much milder.

That crap just tried to kill me too.

So I'm off that, and on nothing for the first time since before 9/11. Odds are they'll try yet something else...don't know yet if I'll co-operate.

We'll see.

"My Life, and Times"

I just saw another "Health Nut" article saying as to how your 50's are the new late 30's. What a load of damp bleep. Who the fuck do they think they're kidding. My 50's were a fucking nightmare of body damage, and worn out parts.
However being over 60 is bleeping paradise. For starts you can't remember shit you don't care about bleep. Sex is mercifully a distant bad memory.
People give a seat wherever ya are. Relatives are always calling to see if you're still alive. Heck an old pal just called this week. Wanted to know if I wanted a home made apple pie for my coming up terrifying Birthday.

That stuff could kill me these daze so of course I said "...yeah as many as ya got!"
Though I'm always depressed pissed off sick as hell , and generally annoyed. I'm enjoying the hell out of my Golden Retirement Nightmare.

My biggest problems are remembering which meds to take, and when. That, and suddenly dropping dead.
Oh yeah I think them UFO saucer guys have stopped abducting me.
I've had an ongoing problem with them bastards since I was little. I remember telling the story as to how my radio station manager gave me an emergency sick day. This because I was have scary flashbacks of some of my weirder abduction episodes...ya had to be there.

The point is I worked at maybe the only place on Earth when your boss would give you a UFO sick day.

I'm looking forward to my 70's to 3-D TV, and instant Turkey dinner!
Otherwise I'm fine.

"Oh Yeah?! ...Well Mine's Bigger!!"

Some serious un-thoughtful outfit run out of someone's basement, "Formlabs", is producing 3D printers that can make complex circuits. So now you can make triggering devices for bombs or toasters using the raw material found in any kitchen. I think there was a science fiction short story about this mayhem back in the 1990's. The "printers" in that long ago future-cast were called "Makers".


Great now I can make an ashtray whenever I need one. Comrades you get that this is bullshit, and like VCRs in 1970 just for rich nerds? got that right? 3D trinket making will play itself out, and vanish. Industry will use it for certain things. However the main users most non-opioid addicts foresee will be terrorist of all sorts. (...nothing against them opioids.) Assorted maniacs,...Nazis religious nutters. That stupid kid at school. The weird guy in the editing lab the pissed off boy friend the moron that just feels like it will use it for making undetectable firearms, and bomb parts. In fact that's the first thing folks chatted about online when these 3D things showed up.

Yeah sure they'll be fig-leaf safeguards. However any bunch of 14 year olds will get around these in an afternoon. Thank you "Formlabs" for making the world more interesting. Let me know when you patent your "Mr. Surprise" pocket Anthrax nail bomb.

Monday, June 26, 2017

"Do not go gentle into that good night" ...RAGE!

"Nothing to do with Me"

No I didn't go anywhere near that Homophile Straight gay stroller pusher "We're just like you" abomination parade. For one I'm old broke, and ill, and the other they are not my people. Indeed they'd call the cops if they knew my heart's desire.

They'd want medals for doing it too.

My sort of Faggot was declared "Not Gay" 20+ years back. This to placate the people that would just as soon kill 'all' of us.

"Wild Turkey"

Having dreams, and flash backs of the recent surgical fun. So I'm lying there, and there's this guy in a faded "Guns 'n Roses" t-shirt, and an old chefs hat with his arm up to the elbow fishing around in my guts.

With his free hand he's chugging down from a jug of "Wild Turkey". He notices I'm awake, and sez, "...How ya doing there sport?" Before I can answer he gives me a swig of cold whiskey saying, Here ya go...cures all that ails ya!"

A few shots spill into my open guts to which the "Chef" sez "...don't worry 'bout that it'll help clean some of the shit out 'a there. The anesthesiologist whom I hadn't noticed till then falls over.

 "There he goes again" sez my chef.

"Our pal here likes to take his work home if ya gets my drift."

I looks around, and the surgical theatre looks like a "Clean Room" at NASA. This concerns me. I'm wondering if they has plans ya know some sort of covert "Old sick Black guys in space program".

Before I can ask some guy in an ancient Imperial Chinese Ming outfit comes in banging a gong,...some other fella too playing Jimmy Hendriks riffs on guitar. 

Hey ya can't make this shit up folks.

Anyhow over the crackling speaker dangling from a frayed wire above. There's something about how it's "Opium Break".

That, and the whole crowd of doctors students, and tourists that was hanging around all spilt through a four foot high door off to the side there.

My "Chef" calls back saying the procedure would "keep" till they all stumbles back.

I felt reassure, and passed out from the pain.

Stay Tuned.

"Some Rain"

We've been drowned in rain since March. This is fine by me since it keep the heat at baye. Lately we've had regular boomers around dawn. Then sun. This sun stuff is fine with me since it dries out all the piled up mildew. That, and helps with my ongoing convalescence.

Above a Zebra gets off the "Z" train. This in yesterday mornings downpour. There actually is a "Z Line" in the NYC subway. Well yes, and no. It comes, and goes. The MTA takes it offline from time to time...who knows why.

About the weather the down side is the heat. I seem more sensitive to it than before. Much like I was to the cold Spring...age? Anyway more rain! This to keep the heat from taking over.

Btw why do they keep cutting off my damned food.

I paid for them crumbs with 40 years of taxes. Well them nice young do gooder commie lawyers got it back for me,...again. The fifth time so far. It starts back up soon. Meanwhile I get a few sandwiches from a nearby Senior Center. Seems they shut old folks off now, and again hoping they won't reapply or get lawyered up...that or just die. It's a cost saving thing.  

Otherwise I'm just fucking ass swell.

Well angry raging sick depressed in intermittent pain lost pissed tired old broke alone, and all of the other usual old guy stuff. All that, but mostly okay.

Fuck 'em all to fucking Hell,...but in a Nice Way.


The then American Nazi Party erected the above memorial. This for WW2 Nazi spies. The National Parks Service just found it half buried in some bushes,...oops. Being a history buff I have a sympathy for memorials,...usually. Anyway I remember them Nazi guys from when I was little. Interesting bunch. I recall one of the nutters poured a liquid over himself publicly. Saying he would burn himself alive to prevent the integration of a local grade school. Unfortunately there was no red hot sacrifice...the gasoline turned out to be water. Still it was the thought that counted.

George Lincoln Rockwell Nazi Party Boss was invited to a meeting of the then Black Muslims. He supported these guys. He called their then leader Elijah Muhammad, who had Malcom X killed. Called him the "Black Hitler". He really dug the guy, and even donated cash out of his pocket to the movement. This since at the time them "Muslim" nutters was all for that 'Back to Africa" anti-race mixing thing. 

There's our hero George above, center, at a then Black Muslim rally. Um I think the one on the left is a tad uncomfortable. I duuno could be. Probably just looking at the exits,...just in case. ...ya know how shit can just happen.

There's the "Black Hitler" above,...nice hats. In the mid-late 1950's the "Black Muslims' had public demos, and sound-cars riding around Colored 'hoods calling for that back to Africa stuff. I remember seeing them tooling about when I was a wee lad. Anyway this dovetailed nicely with the Nazi program so they were pals.

It's nice to be pals.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

"The Royal Republic of the United States of America"

There's something to be said for a Parliamentary system. Not remotely perfect,...still. For example Trump would have been removed in a vote of no confidence in his third month of madness.

Here we are entering his sixth with years to come.

Then there's the holy wild card of the Sovereign dismissing the whole corrupt thieving bunch. This below from "Charles III". The current prince after the death of Elizabeth II is King. When his government is clearly over loaded with corruption, and venality he sacks the lot of them, and calls for new elections. Which it seems a Royal Sovereign can do.

I think currently we could use such as well.


A king is not elected . A King, if we had one. Would not have allowed a Prime Minister such as Mr. Trump to stand. This is my point.

If King were mad there are save guards within that system to remove them. Another from the Royal house takes the place of a mad king. 'Been going on like this in royal houses for a thousand years. As for a mad president, and a craven party which supports him. 

In our current system there's the 25th Amendment. This removes an ill or un-fit Chief Executive. If there's no courage among those responsible for this. There's no option other than to vote him/her, and their government out of power. This at the next election. The people must suffer in the meantime. It is this or Civil War.

The "Will" of the people is a chancy affair. Depending on their intelligence, and charity you might end up with Kennedy's "Camelot". ...fantasy though it was. That or the dark realms of either the latter Nixon era or today's grim confused mayhem. This is not often said, but it's all a matter of Heart, and Charity. How much is in the body politic, and how it's directed by the elected ruling classes.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

" it goes"

So today the Senate of the United States of America stripped 25 millions of it's citizens of their health care. This to fund a massive tax cut for the Hyper-Rich. This the most massive transfer of wealth from the common people to the rich in our history.

Yes history was indeed made today. The details I leave for you to google, and read. They're a horror of meanness, and cruelty.

There was applause.

This act of un-shaded heartlessness was applauded by the politicians that did it. Soon no doubt by the people that it will harm. They will applaud too having no idea what just happened,...till they get ill. They their children or elders. Then they'll in horrified confusion will be shattered. Then they'll learn. Then they'll know what they did to themselves.

So it goes.


Lately I'm just so weary of so much. I think we all are. We need to be calm, and meditate on the good still in our lives. We need to know it, and nurture it. This so it might spread. Spread to those around us be they friends or not.


"Queer Mayhem Month Fun Fact # 38" Apparently Tadzio that damned annoying flirt wad of bleep from the "Death in Venice" story. Well seems he had a 'thing' going with young Joesph Stalin,...who knew?!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"On the Other Hand"

All this welcome summer crap is cool, and all. However on the down side I seem to be getting pretty ill again,...drat. I seriously don't wanna go back to the medical gulags. I'll hold off for as long as I can.

Not much pain mind.

Just serious weariness. I'm basically tired all the time. 'Thought it was just signs of old age creeping in...which is likely part of it. However I doubt 'all' of it. I get up putter about maybe go outside for a bit. Window shop don't wanna get old in this country. Anyway a bit of that then home, and I'm ready to go back to bed.

My day is maybe five or so hours long...I'm sleeping the rest of the time. I remember my grandma was like this in the months before she kicked the bucket. Not seriously drooling ill,...just always sleeping or tired.

Can't say I likes the look of this.

I'll get back to you.

"The Longest Day"



                                     SUMMER BEGINS TODAY.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"A Great Moment"

Dr. Johnson:

"Right!" "So it's settled."

"There" "They're", and "Their" are different!"


I missed going to the Brooklyn Coney Island Mermaid Parade for the first time in about a decade. I was rather ill, and slept through it. Also in keeping with the now established summer pattern Saturday there was a downpour.

Usually it's 150f degrees with humidity to I would have loved the rain.
Anyway here are some photos of the day.

Hope you were there.