Tuesday, October 31, 2017

"Speaking of Sydneytoons"

I found them "Tom, and Jerry" vs "Son of Stalin" Pixs
See violent fun with a perhaps prison rape aura below.
Hey "Toons lead a rough life.

Yeah life fucking Sucks.
Then you're transferred to Cincinnati.

"Stone Gawds"

Okay two  related views. One when I'm pissed off one when I calmed down. These from another chat site where all the noise from that Nazi Confederate statue stuff was being re-fried.

Part one. Pissed off fed up!

"The "War of Northern Aggression" indeed. They caused "Bleeding Kanas". A dress rehearsal for the war like Spain was to WW2. They seceded. They attacked us. They put protections for Slavery 'into' their constitution. The designer of their flag said it was all about the "supremacy" of the "white man". His words bleeping Google your own damned ugly Southern history." 

"In a word,...Fuck'em." 

"Well technically two words, but ya gets the point. Tear the statues down. All of them. That, and shove their hateful ignorant treasonous Nazi Kluxer faces into the rubble to make the point as clear as possible. All this talk of trying to "understand" the Trumpites Klan, and Nazis is suicidal."

Part two. I calmed down.

"Here's the thing. Your heroes are not our heroes. This is what's evolving as the demographics change. As I've said this country 'already' has a non-white majority. The first majority non-white American generation was born in 2010. The first year more technicolor babies were born than pink ones. These kiddies are in second grade now. Soon middle school then high school college the service jobs,...beginning to vote too. It's been geometrically going this way to near a decade. Hence the white rear guard movements. The Trump presidency being the most obvious, and most successful."

"When the Klan, and Nazis marched in Charlottesville what did they chant,..."white power?" No they by torch light chanted, "We will not be replaced".

"So there we are. All of the business of statues, and plaques are the peripherals of a rather massive, but slow transformation of this republic. As I say, "Your heroes are not our heroes". At least not 'all' of them. Some are. Deciding which is which, and how to honor them is where we are now. This will be the slow heated process of the rest of this century. The re-visioning of the republic this time with all of us."

"Will statues of General Lee one day grace our parks along with perhaps Rosa Parks in marble. I hope so since they are profoundly connected in a straight line within our history." 

"The difficult process continues."

Monday, October 30, 2017

"Praise Bob"

"The Heavens have turned against is. The days of Wraith are upon us."

Sounds Biblical, but I just made it up. I think I may try out being a sidewalk crank/prophet.

With my old broadcast skills I could get a reasonable crowd of yokels believing.

"Yes my children the Darkness of our souls is shown in the very skies!"


"Of course preaching the Word has overhead so any love offerings for the Mission will be put into your account in Paradise." "Thank you,...thanks." "...oh how generous...praise Bob,...thank you,..."

( "Bob the Bunny" our Lawd'n Savior is right above.) 

"...who better"

The "catch-22" of having a shrink "help" you is that you can't tell them the real truth. I mean like the TRUTH. There's all sorts of alarms, and red buttons pushed if you're stupid enough to do that. Like the time I told one of them guys I did in fact have self-destructive feelings,...they always ask.

I ended up in a nut house for that.

In fact the chief head shrinker there said what a dummy I was to admit shit like that. "Never tell anyone in the system that." His exact words. If ya do you end up in a one size fits all system to "help" you "adjust."

Never again.

However I can tell the truth here since no one reads this. Well some friends sometimes. Also the usual random folks that always drift by. Come to think of it the most hits I ever got was for a Queer blog I used to do.

Of course it was eventually nuked by the provider,...they do that. However I got 800,000 unique hits on that sweet heart. Folks from both the Palestinian Authority, 'and' Israel was tuned in. Though I doubt it was my swell prose that filled the house.

It "might' have had something to do with the "Objects de Art" I so totally, and gleefully littered it with. Hey ya wants an audience ya has to gives 'em what they wants.

So here's my Obit.

"Sidney Smith aged 67 writer artist, and former broadcaster was found deceased in his apartment Wednesday evening. The police suspect it may have been a suicide. No evidence of foul play was found."

"Mr. Smith is survived by a sister. In keeping with his written wises his sister said there would be no funeral or memorial of any kind. She also said the remains of her brother Mr. Smith would be cremated, and the ashes discharged at an undisclosed location." 

"Sidney Smith was once a radio host whose ironic humor, and unusual points of view were enjoyed by some."

Well there ya go. That's all she wrote. In fact most proles would be lucky as shit to get even 'this' much. So like Walt Whitman who wrote his own reviews I hacked out my own Obit.

'...and who better?

( No don't go busting my door down to see if I'm dead. I ain't offing myself this week. Sure I could kick the bucket from a ton of other shit any time. However I'm just posting the scary disturbing to others crap depressives always think about is all.)

...gimme a break.


November upon us,

and we at last have a Fall Day.

Crisp Winds. Bright Skies. Swift Clouds.

Sunday, October 29, 2017


What can I say. There I was in my digs seeing spots, and dragons because I'm having a bad medication reaction. ..and the flu which won't stop.

Anyway tonight I cooked dinner. Well the term "dinner" covers a lot of territory. Eh,...hot dogs, mac'n cheese, chunky chicken noodle, and a couple of things I don't remember into one pot..

Let simmer for awhile, and eat.

Which I did.

When I came to I was outside in the backyard with grass in my mouth.

Next time I'll try something different.

Anyway before dinner I took these snaps of some of my toy dolls. Cute ain't they.

"Horse Power"

Sometimes I watch myself in the third person. It's like a halfway out of body thing,..in a way. You know how it is. I'm sure most of you have done it.

Anyway I watch as I revert to a child's simple fascination with bright, and tiny things.

I'm beginning to think that all of our high'n mighty concepts, and postures are really the bullshit we quietly suspected it is. That's what's really important are the smallest, and simplest things in our lives.

Hence my love of the quiet, and tiny.

(The above are some images from a little story I never finished. It concerned my table top horsies buying a used V.W. 'Bit silly, but that's the beauty of it.)


Well I was wandering around downtown when I ran into Alexander Hamilton. Yeah 'that' Alexander Hamilton. The "Federalist Papers" guy. This is what I likes about this town ya never know who you'll bump into on a dark side street.

Mr. Hamilton was apparently still dead, but I was pleased to meet him anyway. The photo is kinda dark, and I fiddle with it on the computer to get it readable. Maybe I'll take another shot at him, like a certain Mr. Burr did.

Is this an interesting Town or what?


George Washington: "You're kidding right?"

Betsy Ross: "Well ya didn't give me much time, and you wasn't exactly specific. You was also drunk."

George Washington: "Gimme a break. The frigg'n Brits is kicking my ass into next Tuesday."

"All I asks for is a new flag for this hot deal we're cook'n up with the Masons'n the Rosicrucian's."

"What do you hand me?!"

"A deranged nightmare of bleeding zebras, and Moorish stars?!"

Betsy Ross: "Take it or leave it pal. You can always go with what your slave rape'n buddy Jefferson wanted."

"A severed Indian head impaled on a pike. Or what that Franklyn pervert asked for."

"Samson butt fucking the Virgin Mary in Hell."

"Yeah that'll go over big"

Betsy's Daughter: "That or the weird shit 'you' wanted. A big eyeball on a field of snakes."

General Lafayette: "I'd go with the Zebra George."

( Well there's America. I'd recognize the old gal anywhere. Confused racist greedy angry, and with bad manners. Still like them relatives you never want to see we're stuck with her.)

( I can hardly wait to see what she does next.)

(Entry #38 in the series, "The 'Real' Origins of the Empire.)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

"Wonder Woman vs the Son of Stalin"

After some sweaty research I found a few deleted scenes.
Not all sadly. 'Can't find the one of "Son of Stalin" taking apart a tank.
These are all from when I was doing Blog Picture Novellas.
This about ten years ago.
This seems the 'only survivor.
The rest is in Digital Heaven somewhere.

To the Deleted scenes.

At this point that armored car shows up, and is torn to bits by this commie maniac!
Then Wonder Woman appears,
and she does her thing on him.

The End.

'Just remembered there a separate installment where this commie freak kicks the shit out of "Tom, and Jerry"
Yeah weird.
If I get around to cleaning up the images
I'll post them.
Right,...thousands cheer, and plead for more.

Hey I know no one gives a fuck.

Bleep everybody I'm doing this for my own fun.

Thank you, and good night.

"Barbie Utah, 1958"

Friday, October 27, 2017


"Handmaidens" march, and stand in silence protesting against
Vice Chancellor of Jesusland Mike Pence.
They all 100 were later arrested by the Religious Police.
Their fates unknown.


I was on other pages where posters were enthused at all the outings of sexual predators. This among powerful white men. Mind you I'm always gleefully entertained when our owners get caught with their cocks out. However some of this is shaping up to be another lynch mob. Folks loves to drag out the guilty, and have their way with them.

Everybody likes this,...all colors classes orientations all of us.

So maybe we should step back, and see what's happening. Sexual panics, hysterias always happen in times of political cultural stress. The abuse of woman is wide spread. This current chaos we're in has forced it's acknowledgement. Just as if you remember the trauma of 9/11 forced child abuse into focus. Panic fear chaos for reasons I don't understand...at least in this country brings out of hidden sins.

However some few charged in the past now or in the future may be innocent. However in the rush of emotions in these waves of outings. Some will suffer prison or have their reputations being destroyed. This by being lumped with the guilty. This happened in the child abuse outing period. Some innocent priests though later cleared committed suicide. Other charged innocent persons took many years in clearing their names.

This will happen again I think.

I mention this not to speak against the revelations of crimes committed against women or children. Just to point out the cost to those wrongly accused with loose evidence in a period of hysteria. If we are progressive, and thoughtful we need to have this somewhere in our minds.

Otherwise it's not justice we want, but the thrill of a witch burning.

We'll be just another lynch mob.

"So here we are"

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

"Barbie in Hell"

I did this series over 10 years ago. I only posted it once. Even then I took it down after a few hours.
My reasons are an artists reasons.
A caring souls reasons.
The routine acceptance of horror. The banality of evil.
How many other Genocides have happened since WW2?
We haven't stopped. We've learned nothing. 
Three major ones, and many "small' un-noticed mass killings.
A village here a border crossing there an inconvenient ethnic group or two in this place or that. They in the way of some glorious movements idea of perfection.
As you sit judging this post there a few going on in the world. 
So here's "Barbie" a tourist in the Killing Fields.
Just like us.


The web is full of crap like,... "Bomb that could wipe out the US: Expert's warning that terrifying super-electromagnetic pulse launched by North Korea from space would kill 90% of the population"

Gimme a fucking break.

They, N.K.,  don't have EMP weapons. Also the expenditure of their entire nuclear arsenal would have the effect of less than a year's worth of tests we did out west. This in say 1958. The effect of a N.K. full weight attack would be less than what we did to ourselves every year for near 20 years. .

...get it?

Though that gleeful suicidal testing gave all the Boomers including me a nice dose of Strontium 90 in our bones,...which we 'still' have. Other than that no one noticed. As bad as shit is with this maniac over there. What we're reading from the anti-war left is grossly uniformed fear mongering.

Btw as I must say over again.

Much of what we see online by way of political pieces are "Bots" from local or overseas interests deliberately posted to cause chaos in our Republic. If you find a piece that 'too' exactly 'too' perfectly matches your assumptions,...you're being had. They don't put this shit up there because they like you. It's click bate for political effect. ..so don't fucking click on it ya dummies!!!

The Web is now a War Zone, and we are on the Front Lines. Please be mindful of that.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

"...nice thought"

As you may have noticed I'm having large mood swings. One day full of hope the next raining asteroids down on a sinful Earth. I'd make a neat Biblical deity. Anyhow today I remembered something I wanted to suggest about Occupy Movement's "Zuccotti Park". Well that or "Zucchini Park" as we called it. The space was just a few blocks from that radio station I wasted my life at. So I, and the gang dropped by there often.

I wondered if one day the park site of the Wall Street Occupy movement would have an historic maker. Ya know like the one's of the Revolution, and Civil War one sees in towns, and along highways. I had made one up, and have just come across the note book I'd written it in.

"On this site in 2011 C.E. the "Zuccotti Park" encampment was established. Here workers military veterans the homeless students artists journalist even children encamped for social, and economic Justice." This movement with it's roots in the ancient Peasants Revolt eventually brought about a social revolution for Justice first in the United States then in much of the World."

Neat huh?

Though yeah a bit wordy. If they ever do it I'm sure brevity will kick in. Still it gets the basic points in. That, and if we don't all die in a new climate tsunami or get shot by the religious police it might be one day planted.

There's a nice thought.

Monday, October 23, 2017


'Caution' I'm having gross mood swings so this post is angry.
No it's not art. It's criminal vandalism. I know it's a progressive point to admire this shit, but I don't. I despise it, and the culture of hoodlums that spawned it. As a youth I was on the business end of that sort. So no not art. More like predators marking their hunting turf. Better if they did it like predators in nature do,...just piss it on.

I hate graffiti. Granted I admire the courage of the vandals that would climb a great bridge risk their lives. All that to scribble some pre-glyphic ugly crap on an industrial miracle. I know this is part of the human need to make a mark. A personal need to justify the self. All that neurotic liberal arts rancid damp pig shit. Rather like the cave paintings to Jackson Pollack. The Vandals are of the same intent.

We as a species are in our pre-extinction phase. All of our works from the Industrial Miracles like the Manhattan Bridge above. From that to the post industrial barbarian scrawls it's desecrated with. All of it will soon be gone, and us mercifully with it.