Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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"End Times"

Also on my mind as I convalesce is the downward fate of our Republic. Regards Mr. Trump I could make a suggestion concerning him. However this might violate federal law. So I'll keep my peace. Of course I wish him good health, and a long happy life.

As to his presidency, and all the chaos that surrounds it. Some more thoughtful historians have said it's all just so much chaff, and static. The truth is this Republic is in it's late twilight. Chaos always reigns at these times. That such a person a pathetic joke to the world, and an ugly affront to more than half of this nation is the surest sign of our eclipse.

Our end as a great innovative world power.

The highest office in our land is held by an semi-literate emotionally disturbed gross incompetent would be rapist. He just by breathing has dragged down to disrepute what was a sacred position. One once held by the likes of Lincoln FDR, and Kennedy. All with profound faults yet they saved not just our nation, but arguably by their actions, and example the western world.

All that is gone.

Literally it's history because of the last election, and who, and what it gave us. I'm reminded of certain Roman Emperors of similar ability towards that empire's end. No mater who or what kind of administrations follows this one. It is over. The "Pax Americana" grossly flawed as it was is done.



"Pax Americana although as I say it's "done". It will like the Roman Empire take a bit of time to actually fall. Rome remained in dominance for three centuries after it's peak. Because of new technologies mostly the interconnectivity of the world now. Our melding into the relative background as just another player will be much faster.

Hardly centuries.

A guess 50 years to our edging from the main stage, and playing "...off the strip". Like the fall of the British Empire no one will notice much at first. There won't be a loud bang. In time some may off handedly ask, "...hey what happened to that big guy?"

'Be back later.

"Whipped Cream"

A comrade sent me this. He said since I was his token "creative" pal he thought I might make sense of it.

"Serious people have few ideas. People with ideas are never serious"

Paul Valery

To which I replied...

What da ya expect from the French. They're always saying stuff like this. Then they go turning it into some sort of inexplicable movie painting or even worse a poem.

'Like their weird pastry though.

"Eat the Poor"

This much on my mind to the sentiment common in government now to basically abolish most of the social safety net. In particular feeding the hungry. They have a thing about the poor eating. I'm reminded of a parable told by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

He said his grandmother stopped him from feeding stray animals. "...they'll just reproduce". She told him to let nature take it's "natural course". In other words let the hungry stay that way. Leave them to their fate. This sums up the republican life view.

I'm on SNAP, a nice acronym for food stamps. This being newly retired, and poor. I use it to get essentials. There are many things you can't get medications transportation soap toilet paper household goods generally cooked foods cold cuts. In some states fruit bottled drinks including milk, and canned meats. Such is contempt for the poor from the right.

From the left items that offend the politically correct are wished to be added. As I've read soda candy,...Hershey products in particular, also chips, and such. Granted these things aren't healthy, but neither is not allowing medications. Not even aspirin. Being poor doesn't not exempt you from national personhood. This as the oblivious rich, and some of the more secure middle class believe. That is they decide what you will personally consume if anything.

Must I remind them the funds that keep Snap or "Food Stamps" going were paid for by the people that are using the that federal agency. It's not a charity. I worked since I was 14. I was forcibly retired at 64 paying out of proportion taxes the whole time. So yes I know the score as do tens of millions of others.

I have gone hungry since.

For six months my SNAP case was closed for no reason...as a judge later said. I had to sell most of my belongings during that time just to eat. I actually stood outside of train stations selling things that were dear to me for survival. A traumatic humiliation for someone formally somewhat middle class. ...and of course I never told my family or friends. I think my meds were behind that.

I am now off that toxic hell.

Some progressive lawyers took my case, and got it restored. I paid into the federal government through all those years of taxes. In a slightly better world no one well meaning or the hateful right which means no good to anyone. None would have the right to dictate the lives/choices of others. Working for half a century, and paying taxes into what now feeds me should be without question or blame.

After all that noise I've maybe earned a Hershey bar.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Here's another art thing I made because I can't sleep. Click on the thing to bleeping see it.

"End of the World"

A quote from a random article about the overseas Trump trip.

"...This week ended where it began: A White House trying to extinguish a raging fire while it’s raining gasoline."

Sunday, May 28, 2017

"...a first class shit"

Usually I'm a total reactionary about art installations. I get on the seriously pissed off resentful side of apoplectic about them. All sorts of culture class rationality issues,...but never mind. Sometimes one shows up I like.
That Jeff Koons inflated silvery ballerina is one of them. This at Rockefeller Center. Yeah he stole the idea from some Ukrainian guy, but hey.

As per my post below about artists being an exclusive lackies of the rich caste. Excluding everyone, but official in the club assholes. Yeah that Koons guy is a first class shit, but a smart shit. Also credit should be given to the 'real' artists that crafted...with their hands made that big shiny gal.

They gets no mention in all the ink liquid, and digital that's been spilled about that sliver lady.

Here's to ya Comrades!

A frigging job well done! That, and I hope that Ukrainian guy sues the bleeping hell out of that Koons rip-off  "artist!"


"Faeries" ,...luv's them guys.

"We're Gawds"

I don't think I'm an artist never have. Even though like you, and everybody else I've been doing bleeping one kind or other of creative mayhem all my life. Still I don't fit any description of them guys,...not one.

It could be that the only descriptions I've ever run into are about semi-existent white guys doing weird shit then getting insanely rich, and or dying. I think everybody has this problem.

The artist caste is as insular as any other. However unlike any other everybody more or less is one kind of artist or other. So a few guys figured out the only way to make the racket a going business would be to limit membership.

Which they did with amazing completeness.

Well okay sometimes they get a bit guilty about it, and clear a few square inches for "Outsider Art" or Comix book guys, but that's about all. Meanwhile Seven Billion folks are out there creating stuff all the time all over the place. All unrecognized. Maybe our stuff is to official artists unrecognizable as "art".

Like so much of their crap is to us.

The business of being a "Genius" has a similar limiting culture. Clearly you can only be one if you invent some weird shit that kills people or can be sold for zillions. I mean just look at who we call geniuses.

Okay maybe a few nice folks, but still look at 'em.

Btw there are Seven Billion of them unofficial geniuses too. Using their creativity to develop all manner of swell jazz. You don't know about them because none of it makes money or at least no one yet knows how to apply it.

'Course there are Seven Billion jerks fanatics assholes morons, and complete idiots too. Our last election, and world political mass delusions religions wars customs show that seriously well.

So to conclude the sermon we're a world of brilliant creative artistic geniuses with a strong habit of grand delusions vicious stupidity, and extreme violence.

Yep made in the image of da Gawds alright.

Life just fucking Sucks.


Everyone,...well some are pissed about Mrs. Trump's $60,000. jacket. The one she so casually drags around the way normal folks would a sweatshirt.

She is rich. This is what the rich do. We shop at Kmart they buy individual items that would support two families for a year without a thought. That jacket is just her version of a cheap sweatshirt.

It's always been this way.

Even when there's a revolution it always settles down to the same. When those Eastern European "Communist" countries were overthrown. They found the same in the palaces of the Boss Comrades. Actually what pissed folks off the most was the vast supplies of food them bastards were hording for themselves. So,...human nature. A few fuck the many.

Also that's why there's a lottery. Like in Rome back in the day. They used to set free a few slaves at festivals from time to time by popular lottery. It kept everybody inline thinking their turn might come. The poor dream of that golden "lotto", and being rich. That, and they also dream of being just as oblivious, and venal to the poor. It's why they vote republican, and against the interests of their class,...they really think they're going to get rich so they can be shits too.

I'm still counting on that big rock smashing into this worthless planet to settle things.

Remember if you eat the rich,...deep fry them.

Kills off most of the poison.

"The Shape of Things to Come"

One of two things will happen.

The whole American mess will collapse into the chaos of another longer Great Depression. This with asymmetrical warfare all over the country as an unlikely alliance of starving Kluxers, and Left Anarchists that hunt fight kill, and eat the rich. (...I may join up.)

That or a kind of world wide Brazil for the west. This where those tasty free range rich live behind private armies in fortified luxury. Meanwhile the rest of the world continues to engage in genocidal wars.

I don't see anything else.

Well other than maybe one or two U.S. states breaking off into some sort of Jerry Brown/Bernie semi-egalitarian regions. ...which will likely be invaded, and subjugated by Washington.

Check back in say 200 years after this Dark Age starts to ebb. This because nature will have reduced us to less than a billion folks. Um half a billion I'd say by the look of what's coming. A somewhat more manageable ocean engulfed world.

I'm not bringing you down am I?

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

"21st Bleeping Century"

What to do with all that tonnage of Confederate memorabilia crapped all over the South.


Actually they should leave a few around for the hell of it. 'But seriously folks. Likes I sez put the flags, and statues at battle, and grave memorial sites, and leave it at that. It acknowledges the memory, but does not glorify it. Just banning them gives all that material far more power than it really has or needs.

It's an assault many feel on their identity. Actual millions feel this way.

You can't deny history. You can only acknowledge it, and learn from it. We learned that though Southern troops did fight with great valor. (...even Obama said this.) Their cause was not worthy of them. (...he said that too.)

Yes the common Southern trooper fought for his family, and home. However his government started the war to found a nation that they very specifically stated was based on Slavery...they said it. All of the founders said it plainly, and proudly...no getting around it. There it is in print in their words. Case closed. Now lets just get the hell on with the 21st bleeping century.

'Course like me in my Blue 9th U.S. Colored Calvary tunic. ( ...above.) If they want to wear the Grey...cool. Just keep the flags, and statues where they should be...at the memorials. ...and re-enactment fields.

Btw I remember when the Klan wanted to march in Harlem. This back in the extreme daze of the late 60's 70's. 'Course all hell broke loose, and it never happen. Me I said at the time to universal condemnation that they should march. I mean this I 'had' to see.

Ideally everybody should have been friendly, and respectful to our "guests". Even though they had our blood on their hands,...human person to person as Dr. king asked us to be. Confront your enemy with patients, and kindness.

Worked in a way for that Gandhi guy.

Being the gleefully deranged peacenik that I still am. I hoped for conversations, and debates between the Kluxers, and Harlemites...all done over a great table of Bar-B-Q. That, and everybody goes home changed in their hearts having found out that we we're all just folks. 

It is such dreams as this that have saved my sanity.

An addendum to the above. I posted this on a friend's page. ...

"Bottom line"

Besides all the culture war static. White Trumpland knows they're going to be an ethnic minority soon...in fact they already are. If they could read with any comprehension they'd know that in 2009/10 more technicolor babies were born than pink ones. That is more dark skin babies have been getting born in this country for the last eight years than white ones.

Soon the majority dark children will be in middle school. You know how time goes with your kids a minute later they'll be having families of their own,...and be VOTING. So will all those showing up after them. This makes Trumpland insane in ways hard to describe. They live in blinding rage, and terror for the future. This was the root cause for the "Tea Party", and all the movements that have sprung from it. Is it any surprise that the Trump symbol in the rural heartland is the Confederate flag?

They're already a minority, and they know what 'they' did to minorities, and fear the same.

They fear vengeance. Ironically that's the last thing they should fear from us. They 'should' be scared bleep-less of the republican party which is taking away their homes hospitals, and food. We would 'never' harm them. You see we are 'not' them. They will find that people of color will be far more patient generous, and compassionate to them than they 'ever' were to us.

We will believe it or not will embrace them as our brethren fellow citizens. Below the flag as it was on the day of the "Emancipation Proclamation".

...this time we will 'all' be set free.


"Weird Shit"

"Let's go Here"

"Pretty Much"

"Who's on First?"

Theatres began as holy places dedicated to g-ds. Temples churches are still laid out as theatres. With the "audience" facing the drama or comedy. I could rant about the comedy/drama of religious service, but will leave it at this.

( Click on my images generally for better view.)

"Rain, and Bronchitis"

It's raining again. It's been raining without much stop for going on three months,...um...is this right? Sure there was those two days where it was sunny as hell, and went to the 80's, and low 90's. I normally hate heat, but was happy for it this time.

If only to dry out.

This era of humid damp rain gave me a serious bronchitis. Still have the last stages of it...swell huh. Also my wounds from them four...still can't get over how many. Them four wounds from them four operations are healing up pretty good finally.

Most of the time it was like having knives stuck in parts of my gut. Every movement was agony. Hey whatever sins I may have done in the last few years are paid for in full. So gimme a break if any for real Angels are hanging around watching suffering humanity for laughs.

Which I'm sure they do,...bastards.

Yeah that's more like it. That heartless bastard up there is closer to it. Com'on Demons, and Angels get their pay checks from the same Boss. So I'm sure they all know each other hang out, and have similar attitudes toward the sweaty smelly lot of us down here.

Where Angels got that "Hallmark" reputation I dunno.

Think of them as slightly less corrupt, and somewhat less brutal cops...just slightly. Anyway yeah in another month or so I should be mostly up, and around. This assuming the bronchitis don't fucking kill me. ...it still could ya know, but no such luck so bleep it.

Thunder! As I post bleeping thunder, and my window rattling from the damned wind. Where the fuck was all this during the winter?!

'Be back later.


(...Yeah I know how swell I am to be alive to complain...I know.)

"Hell's 'a Popping"

That's the title of the "Olsen, and Johnson" 1940 classic surrealist comedy flick. Which it seems I'm trapped in, and have been for some centuries. As Mickey up there shows I'm in a deranged mood.

No wonder I chose that particular image as the avatar for this page. A page btw that Blogger Gmail beamed me to a month ago. This by the design you can see is a very old style page. I hadn't used this space in a decade, but here I am for reasons unknown.

Btw I 'could' change the template to something modern, but fuck it.

My other blogs are in the links list on the right. "Sweetness, and Light" is where I was for six or seven years. Before that at "Drama Queen" since the turn of the century nearly.

I was zapped from both of these. One day I was just locked out, and or beamed somewhere else. Just as well. Shouldn't stay one place too long. However I went from thousands of page views a week to well maybe 50 to 100.

Btw most of the views was from the French...about 20,000 a month. Who knows why they came. However they were too stupid or lazy to follow me here despite the bread crumb trail.

Aw never mind.

I really just do this for me, and my six or seven regular pals, and dear comrades. Those that have followed me for over ten years or more. Bless your souls. Promise you'll visit me in either prison or the hospital.

Btw 'been doing a lot of art work to pass the time till I drop dead. Those toy theater things...see below.

Cute huh? ( ...Click on these things for a better gander.)

Well what can I say us fags is like this. We gave humanity it's whole damned culture...the good parts. This while 'real' men were out burning raping, and generally having a good time for themselves if no one else.

Men, straight ones are violently insane. Someone needs to house break them. This is why Divine Management gave the world females , and queers. We have a calming effect on these maniacs...generally. That is when they're not murdering or raping us.

All this of course is in my "Uncle Syd's Great Book of Bullshit" ( Revised 2016 Oxford University Press, and the Grand Synod of the Illuminati.)

There is of course a children's version in comix-book form.

'Be back later.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


"Look what I Found"

A paper butterfly found among the papers and personal effects of Walt Whitman. Probably 1860.

"Look what else I Found"

"King Zimmerman da First"...may he rot in New Jersey. Bob fucking Dylan. I never liked this shit. He has a life long contempt for those that did, and do admire him. Admire, and made him a near Billionaire.

Yet he hates them like vermin.

The arrogant delusional fuck pissed on the Nobel. Treats his friends like shit...as I hear. Oh, and btw hasn't done anything worthwhile in decades. 'But hey. He is who he is, and has the right to be as we all do.

In his case a piece of arrogant hypocritical shit.

If by chance you're reading this I remind you of that jet fighter you bought for Israel years ago. You who wrote "Masters of War". When you finally drop the fuck dead. I hope the Souls of Women Children, and Men which that thing  burned blinded gutted killed meet you on your way to Hell. This to show you what you did. May you hear their screams for your whole journey through the under world.

"By their works you shall know them"....that's a bitch ain't it.

( Dante said there's an interesting place in Hades for Hypocrites.)

'Hey,...I'm just say'n is all.


To my knowledge Walt Whitman never bought muskets or cannons balls to kill anybody with. He comforted the maimed of the Civil War... the wounded, and lost of 'both' sides.

'Again just say'n.