Monday, July 31, 2017

"...or else"

I was just thinking about the Second Coming. As a kid I was pumped full of that noise about how the Boss was coming back. Some sects have made this the central goodie of their whole deal. Me I think this second helping may not be something to look forward too much.

I mean given what we've been up to since the last time.

If da Lawd bothers to come back I think it won't be what da faithful expects. For one he won't be Swedish. Well he wasn't last time, but there's some ongoing confusion among some of the faithful regards his ethnic stuff.

When She shows up,...yeah "She". Com'on we've had this coming.

Anyway when She shows up I imagine she'll be a pissed off 12 year old autistic Somali. Fresh from some shoot out in Mogadishu.
All this will give her a bit of an attitude about us. There's her passport photo above. Naw I don't think we should give this kid no trouble. Especially when she suggests wealth re-distribution.

Btw I would suggest reading Saint William Burroughs scared text "Wild Boys" in preparation to understanding the current will of the Lawd.

"Praise our Savior,...and Her Holy Ak-47 that 'Never' runs out of Ammo!"

Praise Her! Praise Her! "Praise Her!

...or else.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"Jugendmarsch durch Feuer!"

                                             "Youth March Through Fire!"

Proud Hitler Youth, Boy Scouts cheered Heer Trump at their Bund Rally.

Trump didn't know there is a tradition...a nearly 80 year old one. Begun by FDR. This for not bringing politics into Boy Scout events. He also didn't know or care that he banned Trans folks from the service on the anniversary...the very day,...July 26th 1948, that Truman integrated the military. He doesn't know a lot of things.

Btw...has anyone told him the services are in fact now integrated?

The man is a dreary combination of gross ignorance, and cold venality. That, and 160 millions of voters elected him, and support every thing he's doing. On the other hand 164 millions saw him as the fiend he is, and didn't. The other 100 millions stayed home, and ate pizza like they always do.

Above FDR gives a Scout a medal for letting 3000 skunks loose at an Illinois Klan Rally. Of course this was not as I say a "political" act. Think of it as a special Boy Scout Nature Badge.



Sunday, July 23, 2017


I just watched a stupid video online by that crank Graham Hancock. He sez all the ancient Egypt stuff was done by sorcerers, and space aliens. Hey I'm a UFO nut, and 'even' I know that's Bullshit. Also no I ain't posting his insane video...we got enough of that noise around here.

The boring truth is,...

Them Pyramids were built by a bunch of big sweaty guys a real long time ago. They did it one big bleeping brick at a time under the hot sun. That's pretty much it. No ufo's no magic no space aliens no ancient mystery masters no shit like that. No union labor neither that's for fucking sure.

They built that big bleeping shit like folks built the fucking Brooklyn Bridge.

I swear what the hell's the matter with folks. People will believe anything. I mean look what they elected. Still you can buy this guy's tin foil hats, and t-shirts at the back of the hall. He'll be here all weekend...tell ya friends.

His next lecture will be "My Summer with Bugs Bunny".

"Dancing in my Dreams"

"Faeries", fading Comfort Zone.

"Tink Time!"

Saturday, July 22, 2017

"Damn You Summer!"

Listening to "Frosty the Snowman" on a cable music channel. The one still celebrating "Christmas in July". I left a candle by my kitchen window I just noticed the heat melted it. Doubled it over into a puddle. Bleep Summer!

I have the A.C. on High, and am drinking non-sugar iced tea.

I'm 'more' than ready for fall.


Here's my dream which could happen if we weren't so stupid, and lazy. We take back both houses in 2018. This will stop any further deliberate harm to the weakest amongst us. Then institute impeachment proceedings. Once he's removed he will face a long list of criminal charges due to his financial dealings over the years. Mr. Trump will be the first former President even to sit in prison.

2020 we take back the White House. Then begins the night of long knives against those who cannot, and will not show empathy to anyone, but their bank accounts begins. Many trials many convictions. The rightwing echo chamber will howl Coup! Persecution!.

...they'll be right.

The Republican Party will not be let out of it's box for another century. This because we saw what they tried to do when they were mistakenly let out. They'll 'never' have the White House again, and won't have a majority in either house for the next 100 years.

Our memories will be long.

Nice vengeful dream. Sadly it won't happen The dems will be extinguished from both Houses because yes they are 'that' stupid. Trump gets another term. The Pence gets two terms as well. By the 2030's we'll be a 2nd world nation like Brazil. This with the homes of the rich, and powerful guarded by their private armies. There will be no middle class. There will be a handful of insanely rich, and hoards of desperate poor...with nothing whatever in between.

Sweet dreams.

"6000 Years"

The new White House press secretary believes the earth is 5,500 years old, and that all of America, as he actually said, "...Loves our President."


As for his 5,500 years. Look most holy writ is bullshit. Pretty much all of it really. It was made up by Iron Age cranks living in caves, and added on over the last 5 or 6k years. It would be as if a variety of future religions were founded on the demented mayhem of the last 25 years of internet blogs...not that far off.

Good people have been conned by this shit long enough. If there turns out there's really some sort of Divine it would have better taste than to do the insane shit being ascribed to it. So relax, order a double, and watch Reality shows.

This because actual more or less human beings for better or worse are depicted, and abused in opposed to Moses, and that crowd who were made up. Moses is a compilation of maybe a dozen or more figures. His acts are from generations of made up stories. I mean that whole exodus thing 'never' happened according to Israeli archeologist, and theologians. .


Look instead of calling them by the so-called holy names. Solomon, and such. Call them by fictitious names we're used to. "And Daffy Duck turned his baseball bat turn into a snake". Reading it like that will make things much clearer.

'Course I mean all this in a nice way.

Friday, July 21, 2017


In the near future, and for those that keen on it right now. You can dream your way out of hell. "Virtual Reality" tech is making way these days. I foresee "VR" addiction soon...real fucking soon.

This as reality becomes even more of a grim hell. Used to be it was just Black people, and Trailer trash that was consigned to the American hell. Now 2/3rds of us are headed there. The hell where you can see luxury riches everywhere, but none for you. You can look,...TV Movies the 'Net. however 'no' you can never have.

Many Tens of Millions are witness to the world's richest banquet, but can't have a crumb. This breeds madness.

Oh but here comes "VR", and all that will follow it to save us. Soon it'll not just be cute nature scenes, but bootleg Combat Snuff Rape Disembowelments. Whatever your fantasy. It's not just 2-D porn, but actual walk-in fantasies of your most secret desires. All this for the cost of a heroin hit.

Here's a 'cardboard' unit for $8. 
Just steal an IPhone connect it up, and you're in  "Snuff" Dreamland.

There won't be crime...much. This since all the addicts will be in their hovels shelters alleys or subway stations medicated in their personal heaven's. These which they can experienced over, and over again. As long as the batteries last or they can get an ac boost somewhere.

In fact that's what cops will bust, and beat the shit out of them for...theft of city current. As opposed to knocking over old ladies for their welfare checks.

The above or something rather like it would be my "VR" world. For the cost of a rig, and a phone I'd never come out. Not even to eat. Just to be young at peace in nature, and magic. The world has already gone to hell so I'd stay there or someplace like it.

In science fiction stories which of course foresaw all this decades ago. In those they said that such addiction carried it's own cure since the addicted so often died of dehydration, and starvation. So happy were they in their private heavens that they'd rather die than leave.

The "World of Tomorrow" today!

"The End"

One moment you're a young kid dreaming of other better worlds. Ya know ones where you aren't being yelled at beaten robbed or humiliated.

The next,....fitzzz.

You're a breath from 70, and the world is just as it always was. That, and you have a whole body of scars to prove it. Yes there were laughs even moments of joy. Moments.

And now you Die.

The End.

...actually if I could I'd sue.

"Finally they Built Camps".

My dear "FB" comrade James LaMendola notices how those in authority,..."Bosses" are such dim witted jerks. To this I say with bosses it is nearly 'always' thus. The question is why we so often allow the least qualified to direct or rule. I suggest it's cowardice. Moral, and physical.

It's how whole nations looked the other way during the WW2 holocaust. Later the Balkans Genocides. Then the Rwanda Genocide, and other large, and small mass killings.
Did I mention the Concentration Camp Chechnya has opened for Queers. There are now rumors of mass killings in them. Yet who cares. Did you even know, and do 'you' care? I mean care enough to actually do something.

Clinton is reported to have said the greatest regret he has of his Presidency is that he did nothing about the Rwanda Genocide.


So why didn't he do anything?

As long as the pizza get delivered, and there aren't mass shootings or hangings right in front of's none of our business. Well none of us other that the usual Trouble Makers, and they're always too few. Ignored laughed at. Frankly for most it's,..."Hey at least it ain't me". That is Humanity.

Above a satellite image of the first Queer Concentration Camp in Chechnya. There are now it has been reported two more in other parts of that country. So we know what they are what happens in them, and exactly where they are. Yet nothing will be done.
Oh yes protests from little lefty sites. A few lines in the major non-Trump papers. That's all.

Their intent is "Extermination". They have literally said this. I always knew they'd open camps for us somewhere one day. My money was on Saudi Arabia. Silly me. They came from behind. Of course no one cares, and those people are doomed. Such is the world.

I've read that western intelligence have watched from space over the years various genocides, and did nothing about them. This for geo-political reasons. Much as now with these camps. So business as usual. Oh yes maybe in 50 to 100 years or more there may be monuments, and hand wringing. However that's all. 

...if even 'that' happens.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"In Other News..."

Btw the numbers are in. 32 millions to lose all health care by 2026. About 10 millions more than originally thought. That, and 17 millions are without any care whatever just next year under Trump repeal of Obamacare plan.
Yet he, and the Republicans are full ahead with it. In a way mostly. They're divided between those republicans who think it's too harsh, and those that think it doesn't kick out enough.

Three years, and five months of this madness to go.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"COLLUSION!!!!",...but who cares.

Well the story starts with just three at that meeting. "That's everything", said Trump Junior. Now "Eight". Next I expect a certain "Doctor" at the table as well.

Btw...turns out he 'was' handed dirt on Hillary. Eh...that means Collusion right?

"This just in..."

I've just been informed that I in fact have been dead for 126 years. This would explain much. Also do I get an income tax refund?

"I Feel Better Already"

Monday, July 17, 2017

"On the Other Hand"

As I mentioned earlier this month I'm off 'all' Meds. Meds of any type. No meds for pain diabetes depression anxiety. Hell I barely take aspirin. My body hasn't been this clean of 'Stuff' in more than 30 years.

Still my hell continues. Decades of medications just slightly eased the anguish. Now it's all coming bare as raw as it pleases. Yet I cope. I live. I progress though the remainder of my interesting life. The dreams have stayed. The dreams of all the meds through all those years replay themselves in dream after dream.

These are the nightmares I sometimes post of. Here's a jolly example.

"This a dream I just awoke from. A book I was holding a book in my hand. I knew it was the history of humanities faiths religious cultural political. It was all described within.
I opened it. There on living three dimensional pages was a pile of human skulls. Burning. Burning, but not consumed. Black smoke towered from it to the eternal skies."

"So it was for the next thousand pages. Skulls. Burning. Unconsumed. Smoke billowing to eternity."

When I have bad dreams I don't kid around.

The above, and then the usual cocaine dreams. I dream of the stuff regularly. This because it was my medication of choice for fifteen years. It's always the same. I get hold of large batch try using it, but it never works. Sometimes blocks of the stuff becomes alive sparkles, and wings about the room like a great burning Chinese dragon.

Still don't get any buzz though.

More lately just the usual Hell dreams I always send myself too. This is NYC specific. A subway hell. Dark grim subway trains from 1920 endlessly careening. 'Fire, and arcs of flaming electricity sparking through Hieronymus Bosch style tunnels, and stations. Did I mention the vending machines with all my specific Meds were shooting out of them. Btw google "Bosch". You'll get an eyeful.

( NYC hasn't has subway vending machines in 30 or more years. So I went deep to find that detail. Remember the 1930's Coke machines,...that 'never' worked.) ...I mean 'never'.

So all this to say what we 'all' already know.

Human life is hard. Very hard to live no matter how you are fixed for means. Life is hard. Nature is murderous, and frightful...beautiful too, but covered in thorns. Those are there for a reason.

I think all of the above is why we invented humor art, religion, and war. These complicated things take our developed human minds off the real shit of just trying to live. From what we know so far. Most other beings on this planet have no concept of death. Not even it seems the most intelligent like Whales Dolphins Dogs, and Ladybugs.

That lot has far more important stuff to think about. Like eating sleeping playing singing, and fucking. Humans, and Cats are the only two that know about death. That, and folks are the only ones obsessed with it. As with most things Cats don't give a fuck.

More on this noise as I get around to it.

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

"Journal", a re-run of a favorite story.

'Being the Journal of Mid-Shipman Jamie Pip. Royal Navy Cadet.

HMS Foretina, May 12th, 1903

I stood "Bow Watch" from quarter noon till sundown. Observed, and reported a French steamer on the starboard horizon. Post noon a Spanish Ironclad "Man 'o War" crossed us heading east then turned true north.

Twin rainbows sighted 12 degrees 'a port. A great storm has skirted us.

...for now.

Most enchanting however at dusk a Pod of Blue Whales rode our bow break. How graceful they glided as they sang to each other.


HMS Foretina, May 14th 1903

17 degrees N/NW of the Isle San Isabella de Angelica. 

It is a full Moon this night, and the North Star is to port. Orion with her three sisters drifts in the sky at our windward. 

The Foretina sings.

At night she sings. From her rigging's sails boards comes music. Her timbers groan her bow a soft choir, and oh how cleanly she cleaves the sea.

The ships bell chimes as a call to prayer.


HMS Foretina May 17th, 1903

A new lad came aboard by launch from the port of Isabella. His name is Aliabad Wellington. He is kindly in disposition, and comely in appearance.

A "Black 'a Moor" he is, and poetic in his speech.

I though a Jew shall be so forward as to befriend him. Perhaps he will smile upon me if I gift him my slim though precious volume of Sufi poems, and prayers.


The 21st of May 1903,

9 degrees E/NE of Saint George's Atoll.

The a 'fore mentioned gales have caught up with us! We suffer within her sharp teeth! The Captain has ordered we sail into the wind. Waves lash the decks The sea looms over us. Fish rain down as "Manna".

Cook says, "...if we ain't pulled to the bottom we'll eat well this night!"

So fearful yet beautiful is this.

The sky a blur of colors, bright arcs of lightning dance on every horizon. The sea illuminated the masts ignited by "Saint Elmo's Fire!"

The bow digs deep yet rises again the rigging makes her strange music. The good "Foretina" yaws hard to port then starboard then again dips even more deeply.

The eyes of the younger Cadets are wide with terror yet wonder too. So it was for a night, and a day.

Fading drifting sand in a gentle wind...

A dream, why.....the ship the storm Aliabad faded slowly...vanished.

Even myself...gone.


I'm reading a book. One made of linen. It's pages it's leaves flutter in the breeze. It speaks to me this linen book. Telling not only the written story within, but how it came to be.

How it was cut sewn stitched. How the words were so slowly, and carefully threaded together.

This book of cloth told me of it's inner life. About the lives the ways of all the books like her.

Then gone. the "Foretina" gone.


I enter another world in mid-sentence.

Friends. Three women friends of which I am one. In dreams you live whole lives in moments. I entered a world with life long friends about me.

I yearned to tell the 'secret' my great, and terrible secret. What for them was a lifetime was for me a moments fancy as I lay asleep in another world.

We sat, and laughed at the folly of the world. A world I was about to leave. Leave, and forget. This world, and my 'momentary' friends will vanish.

Leaving not even dust.


I awaken with the fragments of lives on the tip of my tongue. Fragments which as the moments passed melt away to nothing.


"Saints Preserve Us!"

Saint Dominic Savio above there is perhaps the only Saint other than Walt Whitman that I would have really liked to have been close friends with. Not just because he seemed to be insanely cute.

These are idealized paintings after all. He probably was just a regular looking kid. As for Walt Whitman I would have happily cooked, and washed for him.

Saint Dominic was the main squeeze of Saint Don Bosco a very Spiritual 19th century priest, and general do-gooder. He, and Dominic were by a reading of the accounts "Soul Mates".  

In that they were both touched by what rural Black folks down South still call the "Shine". Which means they had the "Seeing". The ability to sense deep spiritual realities. What some call "Miracle Making".

I'm familiar with this blessing in having met two people with it, and have a very light touch of it myself.  Indeed we 'all' have a touch if we would open ourselves to it.

As a young Queer lad I did.

Being a young Queer boy in the 50's, and early 1960's. I had no one, and nowhere to go, but inward. I was amazed at what I found there! Sometimes it still speaks to me 

Though not as when  was young. 

It's a fire you have to tend, and I stopped. The world it's brutalities, and my own fears smothered it for many years...though as I say it seems to be sparking again. 

As for our heroes Saint's Don, and Dominic some joked...including me that they spent many hot times together on their knees...ahem.

They certainly did. However those passionate walks to the woods I now am certain were not for  steamy hanky panky...pity. They were 'actually' in "Spiritual Communion" with realms most can never imagine.


So yeah I'd loved to have sat had tea meditated, and perhaps kissed Saint Dominic on his brow with chaste affection. As  I would have Saint Whitman. 




"An Angel for Willem Arondeus"

Willem Anrondeus, was a Homosexual Dutch artist author, and anti-Nazi fighter who destroyed the Amsterdam Public Records Office to hinder the Nazi identification of Jews.

He was later arrested tried convicted, and executed. His last recorded words were, "Let it be known that Homosexuals are not cowards".

                                 I hope to be as brave.

"Uncle Walt",...I luv's this Guy!

"...and still I remember"

"This just In!!"


I'm just noticing how old I'm starting to look. Aging doesn't show in my family till close to the end. We all look late 50-ish 60-something into our 70's to 80's then drop dead. The aging thing drops on us in the final months...not years 'months'. We seem to age 30 years in that very short time. So I'm a breath from 70, but look 58. 60 something at most. Just like my dad did. This is good, and bad. Good for the usual reasons. Bad because I don't realize how late it is.'s got pretty late. Which is okay, but still.
Yep getting older. What the heck. I'm getting dumpy, and all. Still I'm breathing, and able to mostly walk around have a home toys, and zillions of pals here plus a wonderful sister family. Ya know I got over 100+ Birthday Greetings on Facebook?

                                ...that many maybe more care if I live or die.

Hey I'm swell. Weird nuts, and emotional sometimes, but swell. Btw there above is my aged self in the hallway of my 117 year old digs. Sometimes I wish by touching the walls I could hear all the generations. This as the Alien did in that film "Brother from Another Planet", it. The so many voices from the century, and more of folks that lived, and even died in these very rooms.

These neat digs 17 years into it's second century of nesting nurturing souls.