Monday, November 6, 2017

"...shot dead"

Another mass shooting. This time in a Texas church. 26 dead 20 wounded. These seem to happen every week or so. The clear solution is more guns. Like that hold up at a Walmart where half the folks in the shop pulled guns on the perp. Could have turned into a shoot out free for all. At this point it's all a parody of itself.

The perp was the usual. Some disaffected young white guy with a fucking AR-15. It don't matter why he did it. Probably the usual demented twisted shit. 4% of that little town was killed. It's the same as if over 80,000 people were shot dead here in Brooklyn. Even if they were it's unlikely even that would change anything.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it’s getting to be a commonplace event. And you’re right, it doesn’t matter what he thought his beef was. Life in America makes people crazy, so he wigged out, and guns are handy. It’s a continuous line from Sandy Hook to Charleston to Orlando to Vegas to this. The frequency curve begins to resemble a hockey stick. This is a function of the way American society is going; but our countrymen will never connect the dots, because that is not something that stupid people ever do. The media will focus exclusively on what a disturbed loner he was; never, ever will they consider that it was American society that produced him.


uncle1950uncle said...

Pretty much. Btw I really do believe the American people most of them while able to cross the street on their own, and do their narrow jobs. Otherwise they have the wit of a bucket of damp pig shit. On their better days they up it to the insight of a bag of rusty hacksaws.

So expecting them to grasp any notion of a "Big Picture" is hopeless. Certainly they cannot see any dots or the idea that they could or should be connected. They live outside of history outside of cause, and effect. Like their president they're adult infants.

Americans are a child culture. Probably aged 5 to at most 8.

If they were intellectually or emotionally older. say 11 to 14 there'd be hope. However as it is,...not a drop. So all that happens around them are separate unconnected incidents. Incidents that they forget in two to three days anyway. So there's no real point in even speaking to them of our true situation.

It would be like asking them to find their own country on a world map. We recall with horror the examples of when such is asked of them. They blank faced point at random spots all over the chart. I recall one genius on YouTube that pointed at the Indian Ocean when asked to find his home state.

An invasion by China or Russia would be a vast improvement on the national situation. A space alien invasion would be even better. You, and I being among the rare sentient humans could get nice jobs as overseers for the Imperial Sponge Mops from Planet X.

Like from the 60's version of "Cleopatra".

"It is not that we are so wise. It's that they are so stupid".

Padraig said...

For your consideration, two statements found in the FiveThirtyEight article, No Matter How You Measure Them Mass Shooting Deaths Are Up.

"Information on mass shootings is notoriously hard to acquire, in part because the federal government does not provide funding for gun violence research."

Almost as if someone does not want to know the horrible truth, someone from the NRA.

"the spike in deaths in mass shootings is significant enough to register on the national homicide rate. The Stanford database shows an additional 80-100 deaths per year in 2015 and 2016 compared to a decade ago, which would contribute about a 1 percent increase in the number of homicides nationally ..."

As Z said, the frequency curve begins to resemble a hockey stick.

Which is exactly the point being shown in the article I quoted from, unsurprisingly given the mission of the FiveThirtyEight website.

As an aside, has anyone in the media considered how the publicity given to these events acts as an inducement to every unhappy fuck with a gun?

There is the notion that suicide can be contagious. Why not murder?