Sunday, November 5, 2017


Things are becoming unlighted. Ugly things like poisonous weeds growing up in the cracks. A few days ago a gentrified coffee shop in my 'hood refused trick or treat candy to black children, but then before witnesses freely gave candy, and toys to white kids.

The poison grows.

Times like these I feel a need to go to the Library. This just to feel safe. The traditional haven for the free. A wall against the growing darkness of the soul unleashed in this nation, and the world. Times like these libraries or at least the main branches should be open 24/7/365. Everyday all day all night all year. The bonus is they'll have to hire more librarians...never too many of them.

It's Sunday they're all closed, but I need to be in one. Specifically my main branch here in Brooklyn. Been going there since 5th grade. I need to be there like some need to be in church. I need to be with people that want to know, and are happier for having found that knowledge.

These are the Fortresses' of Civilization. ...always have been.

( The Brooklyn main branch above. Back in the 1930's when they built it Greco-Egyptian was the cat's meow.)


Anonymous said...

Sidney, the Central Branch is open 1-5 on Sundays. XO P

Anonymous said...

That is some library! No wonder you want to take rooms there. Since it’s Greco-Egyptian, there ought to be a temple of Serapis somewhere in there.


Anonymous said...

Very nasty what happened at that café. Hopefully people will take their business elsewhere and let it ignominiously join the soda jerks of yesteryear.


uncle1950uncle said...

As I say these times have emboldened many to revert to more comfortable for them attitudes. These things never went away. They just became bad manners. However now they scent a change in the air. So here we are again. I don't know if I shall live to see them put back in their ugly boxes.

You recall I said the same would happen to homophiles. Those that think they're safely assimilated. Those who also benefited from the temporary period of somewhat enlightened manners. I remind them of the assimilated Jews of Germany in the 1930's or Muslims of the Balkans in the 1990's.