Friday, November 10, 2017

"...and another thing"

I just found a FB post I did from a year ago. This is perhaps an addendum to my post further below about the return of Jim Crow in parts of the republic.

"It was always here,...white supremacy. It was just hiding because it had been shown for what it is. Now they're back. A tradition a terrible fire kept alive from father to son for centuries.
That hateful fearful fire will never go out. Not 'till something stronger comes to finally, and for all time extinguish it."

Yes all very nice. The stuff of liberal Hallmark Cards.

However as those of us long in the American Culture War trenches know. White Supremacy isn't the only sort. All of the combatant groups in our long culture war have bigoted small minded exclusionary wings. I've long observed Black racists perpetrating their ethnic supremacy. Latinos as well. Don't start with the many varieties of Asians. They try to appear neutral, but they're just as full of shit as the rest of us. However rare among people of color Asians have the advantage of a fragile "Honorary White" status.

Mind you this vanishes whenever it suits real white people.

If I were an Angel writing a regional species report. That, and seeing the American pot of angry identity fragmentation. I'd just write them off, and move on to Penguins. These penguin guys seem to be doing roughly okay. Especially in areas where humans can't get at them. Ladybugs look good too.

As Robert E. Lee is for white fanatics. Malcom X, ...on left above, has been made into a gawd by black race nutters. As Mr. Little,...Malcom, said once most profoundly: "Racism is a mental illness. All it touches it drives mad. Both it's perpetrators, and victims are driven insane by it."

Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

That quote from Malcolm - I think it’s true.


uncle1950uncle said...

It is.

Padraig said...

Hope is a miracle.