Saturday, November 11, 2017


Went to the Botanical Garden, and other stops today. It's near the main branch library, and the Brooklyn Museum. One stop feast of Civilization. It's all there in walking distance from the station! I used to walk to these places from the old family place on President Street. However these days I take the subway for sure.

It was good to get out again.

I felt re-connected. I live alone, and tend not to travel...except as I mention below to some Gubbermint agency that wants to make sure I'm still alive.

Btw I noticed a subtle change in the clients.

When I retired a few years back, and started going to these places. I saw just the usual suspects. The retired single moms the laid off, homeless, and Iraq/Afghan war vets. Now there's more regular folks that should either be at work or in class. Well their jobs are gone, and their student loans have finally overwhelmed them, and there we all were.

Yeah we need a profound social revolution in this sad downsized republic...we'll see.

As for being out, and about on this first Cold Day of the season...I was happy for it. It's somewhat hard to walk much, but today I was very happy to do it. Especially in the civilized district...all them libraries museums gardens, and such. Further the folks that go to these are cool. They know what matters they understand the importance of having at least a bit of beauty in their lives.
So there I sat. The leaves singing in the chilled winds. The colors of fall blazing all about, and individuals within this Cathedral of Nature respectfully acknowledging where they were, and more important why.

"Our Lives Together Among the Works of Art". This the title of a radio series from early in my career. This is exactly what we all did today...those that were there. So a sweet outing in which I hit all the major food groups. The Museum the Library the Gardens. Sorry no snaps...forgot my camera again. I think maybe my inner self deliberately forgot it. This wasn't an art assignment, but rather a medical emotional healing.

I recommend it.

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