Tuesday, November 7, 2017

"My Angel, & Dream Theatre"

Amazing what one can do with a cutting board a sharp blade. Some cut-out materials paste, and time,...lots of time.


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Anonymous said...

We make them so that they will exist.

Each one is a spell, a small enchantment to seduce the viewer into sharing our view of the world.

To enchant is to be-sing, to capture someone with a song or rhyme.

These little works operate on one person at a time, or perhaps a tiny handful, no more. They cannot sway the masses or change the world the way we would like them to, making it more the way we wish it to be. Disappointing!

On the other hand, swaying the masses is for Madison Avenue: for demagogues and despots, for Pat Robertson & Hitler & the Chevron corporation & Edward Bernays. It is malefic magic to deceive & befuddle & manipulate the people.

We are seducers; they are the rapists of the intellectual world.