Saturday, November 4, 2017

"Another Day in the Life"

Went out today to sit in the sun. It was very nice out. The sun was good nice breeze beautiful sky. It was like early October used to be. Now it's like that in early November. The new Climate has pushed things a few months out of kilter. 

Anyway  beautiful day.

I saw a vendor selling the last peaches of the season. He was playing Christmas carols at his stall with a reggae beat. We had a peach tree in our back yard. My dad would make peach pies for the whole block. Everyone looked forward to these all year. It was a wonderful thing.

Tradition. It was a tradition, and sometimes these can be very good. So many little gems in our lives. This is how we make it. This is how we're able to face the days. Our special times our quilt of bright moments.

I saw some kids getting out of school. They were singing screaming yelling. One little girl had a brace of Mylar sliver balloons. One got loose, and all the kids around her stood still, and watched as this silver messenger rose to the stratosphere. In fact it does gain that altitude.
If it had eyes to see, and words to speak what would it say about it's life, and it's ascending to the heavens.

Also I had a nice chat with the young woman at the Botanical Gardens where I was sitting. ( from last year.) She was new to the States. Just up from Haiti. She said she was looking forward to seeing real snow.
I hope our coming warm winter will give her at least a glimpse, the very least a flurry with snow that will stick for a few hours.

That's my Hope for her.

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