Wednesday, November 1, 2017

"Happy Night of Death"

We celebrate the night the border between the living, and everything else is thin. Shit is supposed be going back, and forth all that. So if you see dead uncles or old pals or enemies never mind. They'll be gone by morning.

I used to be into that Wiccan crap.

Till I saw it was just another religion. They even have Chaplin's in the services now. Can't get more main steam that that. I was with the Gay Witches for a while there. 'Fact' at of the first Gay march on Washington which I reported on as a journalist. The Witches protected the tiny Nambla contingent.

These folks were never allowed to march in anything again. In fact they were physically attacked by other contingents. Seemed their existence threatened the then growing "We're just like you" portion of the movement.

Well the witches formed a protective cordon around the perverts so they'd live through the march for freedom. I mean what with all them oppressed homophiles wanting to kill them.

That was the Wicca I loved. They weren't fooled by a hysteria. I mean what with Witch folks being victims of it for centuries. To them folks in trouble needed protecting, and they did just that. What's not to love about them. What a hopeful loving bunch they was.

Well of course over time they went main-steam with all that has with it. So now they're sending their sons off to wars. That, and they're Chaplin's wearing the uniform. Just like the rest of them homophiles. 

I was in the movement during the latter part of the Vietnam era. So anti-war, and anti-military feelings were the norm. I knew it was time to move on when assimilation took over. It was time for peaceniks perverts, and troublemakers to get lost...and we did.

I remember seeing one of them homophile adoption family magazine's when they showed up. It had this tough in combat uniform Marine dyke on the cover. Holding her baby. Right time to go. 

This shit was too fucking surreal for even me.

I stand apart from that deluded mayhem to this day. To my last day. Anyway "Happy Night of Death" to all, and to all a good night.


Anonymous said...

Those pictures where they wave babies around for the camera really creep me out.

Somehow the foreign kids they kill in faraway lands never seem to make it in front of a lens.


uncle1950uncle said...

Yeah odd that.

The culture eventually with much bloodshed lets group at time, into the mainstream. Various colors religion, and now sexual orientations...with certain exception are slowly allowed to get their faces shot off to protect the wealth of the few owners of this country.

Just as well.

Though I like Civil war re-enactor stuff. I've never had a wish to go somewhere, and kill folks I don't know, and have no beef with. Of course Kluxers, and Nazis are another matter...them I 'know', and have a rather gigantic beef with.

Still I might not tear their living guts out with my bare hands. However I will have particularly harsh words for them!